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WhatsApp is changing. This is a privacy revolution

WhatsApp is changing.  This is a privacy revolution

WhatsApp has made available to all users a new feature that allows you to take better care of privacy. So far, it has been available in the beta channel.

We’ve been writing a lot about WhatsApp lately. The finish line, from which the communication device belongs, catches up with the competition and introduces new products almost as quickly as a submachine gun. The latest about our privacy.

Whatsapp with the new

So far, WhatsApp has allowed three privacy settings that determine how often we see our profile picture, description, last time we were online, or status. We had a choice of visible, only connections and hidden. Now the messenger offers the fourth option that allows you to designate specific people not to see information about us.

The new option works like a blacklist. It allows you to select people from your contacts who can’t see our picture, description, status and information when we were last online. Anyone else who doesn’t end up on that list will still be able to see it all. Until now, the option was available in the beta channel, but now it’s moving to the full version of the app.

This is another update from WhatsApp in recent weeks. Messages were recently entered into the application, Groups increased from 256 to 512 peopleThere are also plans Edit messages that have already been sent. The app also made it easy to switch from Android to iOS.

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