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When are we happiest? Scientists refer to one moment in life

When are we happiest?  Scientists refer to one moment in life

anyway I feel happy It is an individual matter that depends on many different factors, and there is a certain age group that many people identify as the best moment in life. When do we achieve the highest level of satisfaction? Spanish scientists from the University of Vigo have conducted research on this topic. The work was led by prof. Begona Alvarez. Experts analyzed the data collected by the SHARELIFE project. It covers more than 17,000 people over the age of 50. Participants come from 13 countries, including Poland.

Participants were asked to develop a kind of happiness curve, or life axis, on which they marked important experiences. They also answered one simple question:
“Looking back at your life, can you identify a clear period when you were happier than the rest of your life?”

You have to wait some time to have the best time of your life

It may seem that childhood or youth are the most beautiful moments in life. On the contrary: it turns out that we need a certain set of experience to be completely happy. According to Spanish research, we feel happiest between the ages of 30 and 34. This age range was indicated by both women and men.

After our 30th birthday we started to feel good about ourselves. After the age of 34, the positive trend begins to decline, and the critical point is near the age of 47. Then we can feel less happy in life.

– This is a stage of life that is accompanied by intense work, a sense of pressure, the desire to achieve professional success, and at the same time there is a feeling of regret for unfulfilled life aspirations. At this age, stress and the consumption of antidepressants also increase “- says Prof. Alvarez.

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An interesting fact is that there is a nation that maintains a more or less similar level of contentment throughout its life – the French.
a. Alvarez points out that the way we view our experiences can differ depending on when we evaluate them. What previously seemed to us just ordinary everyday life, years later we can look back on as the best moments of life. We forget the hardships we were struggling with at that moment. According to the study authors, most people forget about their midlife crisis.

“Evidence from psychology and behavioral economics shows that the way we remember and evaluate the past in terms of subjective well-being does not necessarily match the feelings and emotions we actually experienced. However, this discrepancy does not invalidate the validity of our memory,” says Alvarez.

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Source: b. Alvarez, The Best Years of Older Europeans’ Lives, [dostęp 23.11.2022]

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