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When does the print edition of Gazeta Wyborcza end


In June 2021 The average distribution total for the Gazeta Wyborcza was 54,532 copies. It decreased by 18.31 percent. Compared to June 2020. On Friday, during the discussion of Agora’s results for the second quarter of this year. Agnieszka Sadowska of the company’s board of directors argued that the situation does not cause concern for the company.

– This decline is expected for us, these are simply the trends in the newspaper sales market. Please note that in the second quarter, we recorded a 2% increase in copy sales revenue. So we can compensate for the decrease in sales by increasing prices – said Sadowska.

Sales of Gazeta Wyborcza in the second quarter of this year amounted to PLN 25.1 million and were 9.1% higher. higher than at the same time in 2020. Throughout the first half of this year. It amounted to PLN 49.3 million and was 2.1 per cent. higher than the previous year. As stated in the report, this is mainly due to higher revenue from digital subscription.

Agora plans more local sites

The board member emphasized that Agora does not fully take into account going online when it comes to ‘Wyborcza’. – We do not plan to abandon the paper version at all, said Sadowska, it is very important to us.

Recently, launched local websites in Zakopane, Wałbrzych, Koszalin and Rybnik. There are plans for more, but no specific details were revealed on Friday. – We’re planning more openings for digital editorial teams, Sadowska said, but we won’t reveal at any locations yet.

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In the second quarter of this year. Agora generated PLN 201.8 million from consolidated sales revenue and PLN 9.9 million from net loss. Advertising revenue, Helios cinemas, sales of “Wyborcza” and books increased.

Changes in the Agora Board of Directors, a dispute with Gazeta Wyborcza

At the end of June, the general meeting of Agora’s shareholders decided that its net loss from last year would have been covered from previous earnings. The company did not pay a dividend for the second year in a row. Agora Group last year recorded a decrease in sales revenue of 33 percent. to PLN 836.4 million, and its net result decreased from PLN 6 million profit to PLN 130.24 million loss.

In June, Helios Signing of an agreement in the amount of PLN 5.03 million for a non-refundable partial loan from the Polish Development Fund as part of a credit shield for large companies.

From the beginning of June this year. On the board of directors of Agora He is Tomasz Grabowski, and he was elected by the other members by joint selection. He oversees the technology department, the technology departments responsible for the development of the functions of and, as well as the development of technological innovations and the big data department.

On June 9, the company’s management announced that it intends to combine the company’s press division (including mainly Gazeta Wyborcza and and the division into a single business area “to achieve the common goal of increasing digital subscriptions and advertising revenue from all regions of the sites of Agora SA.” This caused a rift with the Gazeta Wyborcza team during the talks The concept of separating “GW” into a separate company was introduced. GW management has appointed a team of three (including Joanna Mosij-Citek as leader, Miłosz Malinowski and Piotr Stasiński) to be in charge of this operation.

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At the beginning of August Agnieszka Siuzdak-Zyga was appointed to the board of directors of Agora. He oversees the department, which he has headed since the fall of 2018.

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