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When does the time change? How does it affect your health?

When does the time change?  How does it affect your health?

The change from summer to winter is fast approaching. As every year, we set our clocks back one hour. The time is always changed on the last Sunday in October. So in 2021 it will take place on the night of October 30-31. Traditionally, we would set the clocks back one hour from three to two in the morning. How does changing time affect the economy and how does it affect our health?

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For years, there has been debate about whether changing the time makes sense. Every year, many experts talk about this issue. Many of them argue that the change of clocks nowadays in the spring and autumn is not of great importance to the economy. Rather, it is important to the well-being of many people.

The change of time has a fixed rhythm. employment the summer We go to the last Sunday of March and beyond winter time Always on the last Sunday in October. This year it will happen on the night of October 30-31. Then we set the clocks back one hour from three to two hours.
After the clock changes, the days will be shorter and the sun will set much earlier than it is now.
In Poland, as we read in, the change of time is regulated by the regulation of the Prime Minister. Another decree was issued by the government at the beginning of November 2016. It extends the use of summer and winter time until 2021.

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From time to time, arguments appear in the discussion in favor of canceling the switch to Summer and winter time. The closest to such a decision was in 2019, when the European Parliament voted to abolish the clock change.

  • The last time it was scheduled to happen is in March 2021, in which EU countries will choose daylight saving time. The position of the European Parliament was negotiated with EU ministers on this issue.
  • However, EU leaders did not share the position of MEPs. The project went to work at the level of working groups, but due to the epidemic of the Corona virus, work on this matter was practically suspended.

It has long been discussed how the change of time affects the health and lives of people all over the world. Some scholars believe that it no longer makes sense in today’s world. Others offer accounts that, however, are needed.

According to, research on electricity consumption in Indiana (USA) showed that after the introduction of summer, residents’ electricity bills increased. On the other hand, research conducted in California proved that the change of time in this case does not cause changes in the demand for electricity.

Daylight saving time arrangements were introduced by European countries in the last century. The goal was to save energy, especially in times of war and the oil crisis of the 1970s.

  • From 1980 onwards, progressive legislation was adopted to abolish divergent timelines for national clock changes.
  • In Poland, the time change was introduced in the interwar period, then work was carried out in the years 1946-1949, 1957-1964, and since 1977 it has been used continuously.
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As experts prove, the change of time is not indifferent to the human body. If the clocks are shifted by one hour, the biological clock is disrupted. The human body works best in a certain rhythm. The time change is kind of shocking. The body takes a few days to reach a new rhythm. Changing the time has a negative effect on some people. Especially for those who find it difficult to sleep.


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