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When she lifted the mask, she was speechless. During this period, it is best to do it more often

When she lifted the mask, she was speechless.  During this period, it is best to do it more often

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The autumn-winter period is a special period for many animals that then prepare to survive the cold months. Some of them are looking for a warm place where they can stay in this difficult period in peace. They often venture near cars, which often serve as comfortable hiding places. It also happens that they chew on the wires protected under the hood of the car, which can rattle the nerves of many drivers.

And the “most cultured” hide their food only there. However, its amount may shock you, as evidenced by the stock of one of the squirrels in United States of America.

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558 nut under the hood of a Subaru

American Kathleen Lefors made a shocking discovery. The woman went on vacation for a week, leaving her vacation behind Subaru Haraj next to the house. On her return, she raised the hood of the car and a mountain of walnut appeared in her eyes. Her calculations show that in such a short time the squirrel managed to take them there as many as 558. Driving with the supplies of rodents was impossible, so the owner of the car had to clean it. As she wrote in a post on her social media, the rodent took most of the nuts back with him.

Fasting has become very popular. To date, he has collected more than 22 thousand. Likes and a thousand comments. The author wrote that she was horrified that she had to ruin the squirrel’s hard work. American However, it can speak of a lot of luck. If you do not decide to check the engine compartment before starting it, the nuts can seriously damage some parts.

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