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Where did the famous fairy tales of the People’s Republic of Poland come from? “Reksio”, “Krecik”, “May the Bee” [QUIZ]

Where did the famous fairy tales of the People's Republic of Poland come from?  "Reksio", "Krecik", "May the Bee" [QUIZ]

  • Several Polish animated films have been produced at the Bielsko-Biała Cartoon Film Studio. In the times of the Polish People’s Republic, bedtime cartoons from the countries of the Eastern Bloc were also often broadcast
  • The last episode of “Krecik” aired exactly 20 years ago. The bedtime hero is still deeply rooted in viewers’ memories
  • You can find more of these stories on the Onet homepage

Krecik, Maja the Bee, Bolek, Lolek – where whole generations of Poles grew up with them. Some of the animation productions that we considered domestic were actually of foreign origin. Most of us enjoyed spending many hours in front of our televisions enjoying our adventures Maya the resolute bee, the brave little mole or the genius dobromer. And we weren’t interested in whether the hero originally spoke Polish, German or Czech.

exactly… We decided to check if you know the famous cartoons from the Polish communist period and which ones are foreign. Some of the answers will definitely surprise you!

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