September 21, 2021

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Where did they go?!  Leon was afraid.  The hammer hit so the Russians jumped back [OCENY]

Where did they go?! Leon was afraid. The hammer hit so the Russians jumped back [OCENY]

Polish volleyball players after winning 3:0 (25:14, 26:24, 25:19) with Russia In the European Championships quarter-finals we rate them on a school scale of 1-6.

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Bowie Zatorsky put on amazing performances during training. What a throw!

Peter Novakovsky – 5+

The middle class did well in their assignments. A block of the first group, which unusually covered one of the Russians However, it is worth adding to the starting note for everyone columns. One of the best moments of this match.

Jacob Kochanowski – 5+

Great match in attack and block, but how much power did he put on the Poles. It was supposed to be an advantage for the Russians, Kochanovsky, Leon and rooster They literally swept the Russians off the dance floor with websites.

Wilfredo Leon – 6

He had problems receiving in the first set, then kept his form, but in attack it is difficult to ask for a better performance than Lyon. Being 83 percent in the first half and 67 percent in the second and third to maintain that level in addition to the shiniest licks. It was unusual, the Russians horrified the sight of a ball flying towards him on the wing. Narrow bevel, double or triple block? There was no difference to him. He was playing in other dimensions where there was only the ball and the court.

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Bartosh Cork – 6

his symbol games There was a movement from the first set, when his attack made one of the Russians jump after taking a blow to his body. Couric shook his finger at him. Where did they go today with Leo and everyone else Fate ±? Such performances remain in the memory of competitors forever.

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Łukasz Kaczmarek – No degree

He was playing for a very short time.

Fabian Drzyzga – 5+

Great dynamic game. He’s got a great shape. In the first set, despite the poor reception of the serve, where the Russians made no mistakes, he managed to send accurate balls to Lyon and Couric, which turned out to be crucial in creating an advantage over Thomas Samelvo’s team.

Michai Kubik – 5

Very good captain game. He jumped to the level of the whole team – both in attack, although he would hardly be better than Couric and Leon, and in party. Added character at key moments, and pushed through tips. Even if nothing worked out for him, it wasn’t decisive for the entire match.

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Matthews Pinnick – 5

Not great, but it’s a good performance. He finished the balls in the middle he was supposed to finish, adding plenty of blocking and shooting. Quick change in midfield set him back Vitala Heinina It was working fine.

Grzegorz Łomacz – No degree

He was playing for a very short time.

Damian Wjczyk – 5

Great defenses, he would sometimes pull off almost impossible balls. He grew up in this tournament and grew to be a giant at his job.

Bowie Zatorsky – 5+

The best match in this tournament. Confident in reception and giving plenty of “extra” defense. What a show it was!

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Strong game – #StrojeZaAsy in the European Volleyball Championship

The editors of fund match kits for young players for every service that Polish volleyball players provide at the European Championship. In the first six matches, they scored 51 points with their service, which means donating 153 outfits!

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We will be counting the following stars on the Internet and on outdoor advertising in the Cepelia building in Warsaw and the main railway station in Katowice – the unofficial Polish capital of volleyball, where the final stage of the entire event will take place. work details HereAnd the rules of the competition in which we draw fashion Here.