July 28, 2021

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White and red cylinder.  Post-match comments Poland

White and red cylinder. Post-match comments Poland

Polish volleyball players beat the Slovenes 1:3 in the main stage The League of Nations. In Saturday’s semi-final, the Poles confidently beat their uncomfortable opponent 3-0. The Slovenian national team was very close the whole time, but our representatives dominated this match. At the end of the third set it looked like the rivals would connect, but they served the net at the crucial moment.

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The League of Nations. Volleyball players are in good spirits. Leon pretends to be Santa Claus, tricks Bowie Zatorsky into rehearsals

It’s now time for the final game, which will be played on Sunday at 15:00. The Poles will play against the Brazilian national team. For our representatives it will be another chance to match again, because the Brazilians defeated Vital Heinen 3-0 in the regular stage.

Bartosh swept Cork, Cork took the balls to his chest! Bloom the hero off the field

Lots of praise from the Polish national team on Twitter. “Great Poland, great Couric, a great match”

Polish representation You played a very good match on Saturday and didn’t let the Slovenes speak for themselves. And he did not lose sight of the attention of fans and pundits who praised the Polish volleyball players on Twitter.

– 3: 0! Our League of Nations Final! Well, our white and red cylinder is slowly accelerating – wrote Sport.pl journalist Łukasz Jachimiak.

Jacob Radomsky, a journalist from Przegląd Sportowy, commented in a similar vein. A great volleyball match. Very strong today in many ways. It reminds us a bit of 3-0 with France in qualifying for the Olympics. This is how the team that has the right to think about the gold medal plays in Tokyo. Although 0:3 from the Slovenian side I have to – libero Jani Kovacic connoisseur – admitted.

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The breakthrough with Slovenia is more important than the final. Great Poland, great Couric, great match – commented TVP Sport journalist Sarah Kalisz.

Poland lost to France 2:3 in the League of Nations volleyball match.Poland already knows its rival in the League of Nations final! Where and when do you watch?

– A great match to watch and most importantly – we finally beat the Slovenes. It’s a very cool thing. Kurek in absolute servings, Drzyzga is great too. Tomorrow will be very difficult, because the Brazilians cross, but the match will be first class! Marcin Baloch wrote.

Radosław Kępys also appreciated Bartosz Couric in the first place. Today for two groups.Bartosh Cork Show “- the shape is the same as in the 2018 World Cup. In the third set, the attack distribution was a little bit bigger. And the most pleasant thing is that with these tight groups we lost a few points a few times, and we were able to make up for everything.”