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White circles on the nails can be a sign of health. What should be worrying?

White circles on the nails can be a sign of health.  What should be worrying?

White halos (nipple or nipples) may be visible on all or only selected nails. Changes in their appearance may be a sign of health problems. What can the size and color of the moon tell us?

What are the white circles that appear on the nails?

The rivets are made from the side and back shafts, the plate, the free edge, the leather and the two distinct white hemispheres known as the nipple or nipples. You can see it at the base of the nail plate. Lunules form the living part of the nail, are the place of its growth and serve as a connection between the plate and the matrix.

The crescent moon is usually clearly visible, distinguished from the pink nail plate by a white color and a crescent-like shape. By default, its size does not exceed 25 percent. nail size. It is usually visible on all nails, but sometimes it is only slightly protruding, so that only part of it is visible through the nail plate. The largest lunules have thumbs.

What can changes in the appearance of the moon indicate?

Ringworm can be an important source of information about your health. A sudden change in color, size, and even the disappearance of the white semicircle can be a sign of a health problem.

Invisible plateaus

The absence of a characteristic crescent on the nails may indicate various abnormalities. The reason for their disappearance may be chronic fatigue, weakness of the organism or disease. Nutritional deficiencies may be another cause of lunula deficiency, especially severe deficiency of vitamin B12, which corresponds to proper growth and appearance of nails. Also, anemia (anemia) can cause aura loss. Vitiligo may be responsible for the lack of nipples.

aura augmentation

Enlarged wedding rings may be a symptom of vitamin PP (niacin) deficiency, which is responsible for healthy nails. Its deficiency causes pellagra, an inflammation of the skin that mainly affects the exposed parts of the body. Nails may swell as a result of the separation of the nail plate from the bed, which is often accompanied by the appearance of white spots on the nails.

The most serious causes of nipple enlargement include abnormalities in the functioning of the cardiovascular system, in which there is a so-called peripheral cyanosis. Circulation problems affect the appearance of nails due to narrowed blood vessels and reduced peripheral blood flow.

redness of the aura

These nipple changes may be a result of COPD, diseases related to the circulatory system, or cirrhosis of the liver. It is often complained of by people with skin conditions such as alopecia areata, chronic urticaria and psoriasis.

The blue color of the cabin

Blue frosts can be the result of silver poisoning or the onset of Wilson’s disease, an excessive accumulation of copper in the body. The blue color of the rings may also be caused by cancer and its treatment with 5-fluorouracil, as well as in people taking HIV medications (particularly azidothymidine).

Changes in the appearance of the areola and nail plate can be a valuable source of information about your health. However, there is no need to make the diagnosis yourself and in case of any doubts, make an appointment with a dermatologist.

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