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Who are the men related to Katarzyna Nosowska?

Who are the men related to Katarzyna Nosowska?

  • Katarzyna Nosowska in 1992 became the vocalist of the band Hey. With the group’s success, interest in the singer’s life grew, and for years she avoided revealing her private life
  • In the 1990s, Nosowska was linked to drummer Andrzej Krajewski, and the fruit of their relationship was her son Mikołaj
  • In 2000, Katarzyna Nosowska appeared on the cover of “Elle” with her then-fiancé Redbad Klynstrą
  • Katarzyna Nosowska has been in a relationship with Paweł Krajewski since 2001, and in 2018 they married
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Love can take many forms. Parental love, partner love, or parental love. At the end of July, Katarzyna Nosowska proves that there can also be a hot and crushing feeling for… a chair. She posted a bizarre, embarrassing love declaration on Instagram. “Pawe, this is stronger than me” – she titled a short video, which later says:

The singer caused her confession…a wave of fans on Instagram.

Of course, the singer’s full “confession of love” was recorded in parody style of Katarzyna Nosowska for which she is famous. Singer Hey has been active on social media for a long time, sharing – with her signature style – Insights about current events. It is undeniable that this strange declaration of love was one of the artist’s first expressions of love. Katarzyna Nosowska has been very serious about defending her privacy for many years.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Katarzyna Nosowska. Mother, wife, singer

Everyone knows Katarzyna Nosowska, regardless of whether she listens to the music she performs at the same time. Since 1992, when she debuted in the band Hey, the artist has constantly aroused great interest in her person. Her undeniable talent for composing has helped increase her popularity every year. As you can imagine, this was also followed by media attention, which kept the singer at a distance.

So, it came as a surprise to some In 1996 Mikowaj was born, the son of Katarzyna Nosowska. The adult man is the fruit of the feeling that the singer had with the drummer. Despite their common passion, shared life and common love, their relationship was short-lived.

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Celebrating her fiftieth birthday, the singer-songwriter spoke on “In the Main Role” about her motherly love. Nosowska said:

Katarzyna Nosowska and Redbad Klinstra. Engagement and possible wedding

Singer Hai did not brag about her mother, she still avoids the topic of her love life, and yet in 2000 … she found the cover of the magazine “Elle”. In addition, she posed with her then partner – actor Redbad Klynstrą.

Photo: Author Unknown / Press Materials

Cover of “Elle” from 2000

Young people took part in a special photo session called “Bachelorette Party”, which was their kind of preparation for the most important day – the wedding. Katarzyna Nosowska and Redbad Klynstra were engaged at the time and were supposed to have a wedding date. However, the wedding did not take place. The singer broke up with the actor and was very upset by this fact. After the joint cover, which many people considered a “slip” in the singer’s biography, Nosowska actually made no mention of a broken engagement.

She was persuaded to think many years later, when the engagement took place again. In an interview with “Fifi!” She said:

Katarzyna Nosowska and Pawe Krawczyk. Relationship, alcohol and marriage

In 2001, singer Hey became engaged to another musician – Pawe Krawczyk. For many years, she avoided not only showing off her loved ones at formal occasionsBut she also did not reveal who holds the key to her heart. They did not officially decide to take a decisive step together until after a decade of their relationship, and they occasionally appeared at social events.


Katarzyna Nosowska and Pawe Krawczyk

One of them – in 2014 – was the premiere of the film “Under the Strong Angel”. A film that tells the story of a writer and an alcoholic who, under the influence of a woman’s love, tries to break out of addiction. The film is based on the bestselling Jerzy Belch book of the same title. At the time, the surprise was due to joint photos of Nosowska and Krawczyk holding hands. Now it can be said that the choice of film was very surprising, or … prophetic. why? Pawe Krawczyk struggled with alcoholism for many years, but managed to overcome it.

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The relationship between Katarzyna Nosowska and Pawe Krawczyk was marked by alcohol. At the end of 2020, the singer gave a raucous interview with Marek Skilsky. The brother of journalist Tomasz Sekelesky, who had been suffering from alcoholism for many years, invited the singer and made a sincere confession. In an interview published on YouTube of the series “Sekielski o nałogach” the singer She openly admitted that she had been living with an alcoholic for years and revealed what her life was like:

“Did he really have a drink? How much was he drinking? We also had a party at home, because at some point in our lives the party was endless, as if we were afraid to be alone with ourselves.” The house was open. It was mentally unbearable for me. I did not play, I just checked: What is the status of the partner? Is it really serious? Will there be shame soon? ”

In an interview with Marek Skilsky, she admitted that she felt addicted:

“We have a very similar relationship with an addict as we have an addict with a substance. Meaning we lose ourselves. Little did I know that I clearly display all the features of a dependent person. I would risk saying that dependence is not something that appears in a person at the time of his or her relationship with an addict. As if I had something inside me: from home, since childhood, from somewhere ”- she added.

Moreover, there was a betrayal in the relationship between Katarzyna Nosowska and Pawe Krawczyk. The singer admitted this in an interview with “Banny”:

All my life I thought I would never forgive betrayal, and please – I forgive. It turns out that I’m not frivolous – I’m proud of it. I do not scratch my wounds, I want to see the reasons: why did it happen to me, what events led to the climax when a third person appears. What is my responsibility? I had to wonder if I wanted to provoke resentment, anger, and anger. Especially since these feelings hit me the most. We often think that love is the greatest when all is well – we hold hands, run along the beach in slow motion, have almost non-stop sex. This is how it is in the cinema, “- she said.

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Despite the dramatic and extremely unpleasant experiences with men of Katarzyna Nosowska, the singer found herself, finding strength and reconciling with herself, rejecting guilt. A big role in the same beloved singer who came for treatment in a closed facility. Thanks to his determination, he was able to overcome the addiction, and a whole new time had come for their relationship. So much so that they decided to celebrate it in 2018 with… a wedding After 17 years of living together.

In an interview with “Zwierciadło”, Katarzyna Nosowska told what the decision on this step and the wedding itself looks like:

“We were leaving with Pawe for the States, and so for a week and a half before that I thought… Actually, I don’t know what I meant. I think I wanted something symbolic. We’ve been together for 20 years, but it’s actually a new relationship. I get the impression that our relationship there and now is a completely different arrangement. (…) I think it was about the event itself, that it was just us and our sons. They are a century old, have persevered in this whole family tinkering, and have been with us in all of this, in these difficult scenes as well. This great change in Pawe, in me – also important to them. The wedding moment was touching, it just didn’t matter anymore.”

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