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Who won Eurovision 2022 by the Kalush Orchestra of Ukraine Stefania who put Christian Ochmann

Who won Eurovision 2022 by the Kalush Orchestra of Ukraine Stefania who put Christian Ochmann

Saturday’s final was watched by nearly 200 million viewers around the world.

Ukraine won for the third time

Ukraine she won Eurovision for the third time; This time – as Italian commentators emphasize – in the tragic circumstances of the war. It was the “voice of a martyr’s nation”. Ansa writes.

The success of the Ukrainian team was determined by the vote of viewers, having a record that exceeded 430 points; He thus climbed to the top from fourth place after the national jury vote.

The Kalush Orchestra comes from Kyiv

Kalush Orchestra is a Kyiv band, founded by rapper Oleh Psiuk, multi-instrumentalist Ihor Didenczuk and DJ MC Kilimmen in 2019. In 2021, it was expanded to the Kalush Orchestra project. Psiuk wrote the song “Stefania”, dedicating it to his mother. After the outbreak of the war, the song acquired a suggestive symbolic meaning because it was dedicated to all Ukrainian mothers.

Ukrainian representatives were determined as semi-competent winners even before the start of the competition in the capital of Piedmont.

According to the regulations, the next edition will be held in Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Europeans to vote for the team before the final.

On stage at the Pala Olimpico in Turin, Oleh Psiuk said: “This victory for all Ukrainians. Glory to Ukraine”. Earlier, after the song was finally performed, the musicians pleaded: “Please, help Ukraine and Mariupol, help Azovstal.” It was a reference to the defenders fighting the Russians at the metal factory there.

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Ansa explained that by uttering these words, the artists risked being disqualified, as competition rules prevented making political statements.

“We will do everything we can to freely, peacefully and reconstruct Eurovision participants and guests in Mariupol of Ukraine,” said President Zelensky after the success of his compatriots.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, immediately congratulated the Ukrainian artists, writing on Twitter: “Tonight your song won our hearts. We celebrate your victory around the world. The European Union is with you.”

The Polish actor ranked twelfth

Polish actor Christian Ochmann With the song “The River” he took 12th place and got 151 points. After the national jury vote, Pole was 14th with 46 points. He got 105 points in the viewers’ vote.

The room was one of the main themes of the competition, which was hosted by famous singers Laura Puccini and Mica, and radio and television presenter Alessandro Cattelan. John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance” was heard in Turin.

The Italians are very disappointed with the result. Mahmoud and Blanco took sixth place with “Privedi”, although they were previously mentioned among some of their favorite songs.

The biggest musical event that accompanied the final was the performance of last year’s winners – the Romanian group Maneskin, which has since conquered the global music market.

Russia was disqualified from the Eurovision Song Contest by its organizer – the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) immediately after the attack on Ukraine.

Conductor Kalush: Caring for Azovstal was more important than risking exclusion

The desire to draw the world’s attention to the situation in Azovstal was decisive and more important than the threat of exclusion – said the conductor of the Kalush Orchestra, Ole Psiuk, after winning the Eurovision Song Contest.

After performing the song “Stefania” during the competition, the Ukrainian musicians appealed from the stage: “Please, help Ukraine and Mariupol, help Azovstal.” It was a reference to the defenders fighting against the Russians at the local metalworks factory.

By saying these words, the musicians run the risk of being disqualified, as competition rules prohibit making political statements.

“People don’t understand what kind of problems my country is going through. And for me, it’s definitely more important than exclusion. If I miss this opportunity, I won’t forgive myself. I really hope that one of the 200 million people who watched us would be able to help us.” – said the musician at the press conference after the competition.

“Our people are surrounded, almost a thousand soldiers. They are surrounded on all sides and cannot leave Azovstal. We need help. We ask a third country to intervene to free them. How can you help? Information. We must tell everyone, write about it, knock on the door. There is a lot of press here, if each of you wrote about it, someone would help us – said Psiuk.

“Since our culture is also under threat, we are here to show that Ukrainian culture is alive” – summed up the representative of Ukraine.

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European leaders congratulate Ukraine on winning the Eurovision Song Contest

I want the Eurovision Song Contest to take place next year in Kyiv, a free and united Ukraine, the President of the European Council Charles Michel wrote on Twitter, congratulating the Ukrainians on their victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. This is one of the many congratulations that were sent to Kyiv.

Michel wrote: “Congratulations to the Kalush Orchestra on its victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. Congratulations! I want the Eurovision competition to be held next year in Kyiv, in a free and united Ukraine.”

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, wrote, “Congratulations to the Kalush Orchestra and Ukraine on winning the Eurovision Song Contest. Tonight your song won my heart. We celebrate your victory around the world. The European Union is with you.”

“Congratulations to Ukraine and the Kalush Orchestra, you won. Long live the music! Long live Europe!” – These are the words of the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote: “Winning the competition is a clear reflection not only of talent but also of unwavering support for your struggle for freedom.”

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nosida wrote: “Let this be just one of the many victories this year. Love always wins, truth always wins. Europe is with you, our hearts are with you. Praise Ukraine!”

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