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Wielki Rako will defend the Polish Cup. And why? He didn’t have fans and arguments beca blah

Wielki Rako will defend the Polish Cup.  And why?  He didn't have fans and arguments beca blah

ultimate Polish Cup It was supposed to be a ball celebration. one more time National Stadiuma clash between the two best teams in Poland and sold over 45,000 tickets. Unfortunately, before the start whistle, it became clear that this scenario would not come true. All because of the ban on bringing large flags and sector flags into the stadium, imposed by the Warsaw authorities a few days ago.

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Borek: I think Lewandowski has matured to change his surroundings

Lech fans came to the capital anyway with the setup, and since they weren’t allowed in with her, they decided not to appear at the stadium at all.. They weren’t harsh in their attitude fans Riko who filled the podium with time.

There was no holiday, but the match is very good. Rako defended the Polish Cup

And the fans of Shestochova were awarded full prizes by their players. Already in the fifth minute was the leader and runner-up of the Polish champion Wladyslaws Gutkowskis, who managed to pass the long ball he played to the open field, deceived defender Lech before the sixteenth and surprised Mickey van der Hart with a technical shot.

Rako followed, but Gottkowskis’ next shot from distance, as well as a close-kick from Evie Lopez, was perfectly defended by the Lech goalkeeper. A moment later, the Dutchman was a bit lucky when Lopez’s direct free kick attempt missed his goal.

Police at work. Tear gas was used in front of the National Stadium

In the 18th minute, the game changed a bit and Jakub Kaminski was given the signal. the ward why Kacper Trelowski hit the post with an effective shot from long range. They also have their chances David Konaki And Joel Pereira, and with a little bit of action by Lech, his goal was not accurate from a good position.

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Raków was impressed by his ease and composure. Thanks to this, in the 36th minute he was already leading 2-0, when she converted a great rebound and an excellent pass from Lopez into a goal. Matthews and Doyak-Easily win the duel with the Lech goalkeeper. Just before the break, the Polish runner-up could go further, but Dejan Sorescu missed a good position.

lych coach Maciej Skorża He reacted at the break by allowing Joao Amaral onto the pitch. This had an effect already in the 53rd minute, when David Konaki was shot in the air Amaral He changed the trajectory of the ball with his head and scored a touch goal.

National Stadium / Cesare ColisaA nationwide scandal. Empty sector, acute Kulesza reaction

However, Kolejorz could not follow up on the blow, because there was no tension in the ranks of Raków’s team after conceding a goal. Marek Babchon’s team defended themselves very well. Not only that, Zoran Arsenic soon came close to scoring the team’s third goal from Czestochowa, whose header made the slightest miss for Lech.

What he failed to do in the 76th minute Ivy Lopez. better pick This season, the league with a short trick outlasted one of its rivals in the penalty area and defeated Van der Hart with a free kick.

This goal is to put an end to the feelings of this game. However, Raku had to finish them off in a bull’s-eye, after Jacob Araka was sent off the field in the 87th minute for a brutal foul on Philip Marcwinski. Lech had two goal chances in overtime, but Mikael Isaac missed both.

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Raku Shestochova He deservedly beat Lech Poznan 3-1 and defended the Polish Cup a year ago. The great season for Marek Babchon’s team is in full swing – the Polish Cup and the Super Cup have already been presented, as well as a good performance in the qualifying rounds of the European Conference League, and now there are only three steps to the Polish championship. But Raku must be careful, because Lech, standing right behind him, will wait only for the slightest stumble from the inhabitants of Chistochova.

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