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Wiktoria Gąsiewska and Adam Zdrójkowski slammed against the wall. They never looked at each other… (PHOTOS)

Wiktoria Gąsiewska and Adam Zdrójkowski slammed against the wall.  They never looked at each other... (PHOTOS)

Thursday saw the premiere of “A Different Christmas,” another romantic comedy whose creators hope to bring audiences to cinemas. It must be admitted that the wall at the event was highly attended, because there was Agnieszka Dygant, Andrzej Piaseczny or Kacperek’s changed friend from “”.

Adam Zdrójkowski and Wiktoria Gąsiewska on one wall

They were also on site Victoria Jasevska And the Adam ZdrojkowskiWho officially announced their separation a few months ago. The presence of the actor at the event should not be surprising, since he played one of the main roles in the film. Interestingly, the 16-year-old also climbed the wall Vanessa Rojewskawith whom Zdrójkowski was seen during a joint outing in August.

Although at first it seemed that the former partners were not posing together on the wall and only taking individual photos, it was also decided during the event that they would take a group shot. Then too Zdrójkowski and Gąsiewska They photographed with the other guests, standing next to each other.

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Gąsiewska and Zdrójkowski’s embarrassment. They didn’t even look at each other

Unfortunately, as photos from the event show, though, Adam and Victoria practically stood shoulder to shoulder They didn’t look at each other. Whenever the actress looks into the camera, her ex has the odd chance of looking one way with her.

Fortunately, the rest of the evening the photojournalists let them breathe and there was no more embarrassment. The actress was clearly in a good mood, as she boldly posed for photos in form-fitting outfits off the wall as well, while her ex left the wall after a series of group and solo shots.

“Out of sight, out of heart”?

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It was strange that together they could look directly at the photojournalists in such a friendly manner. I remember when it was Telekamery 2020 and I got the award by Julia Wieniawa and Baron, later they stood together and laughed and congratulated each other on the awards and here you can see they treat each other like air it’s a pity they could act differently and not run away from each other as If only they didn’t know each other. It’s a shame because they used to love each other to death and now they avoid each other…

She dressed up for the Christmas movie premiere like the Oscars, and she was the only one. And Zdrojkovsky is a pity, but my God. There are times when you’re twenty, you don’t create lasting relationships.

The shoes are awful, the legs are disfigured, they look bad.

Victoria looks like she just pulled off the MET gala XD, so she stands out in this company with her outfit

Victoria in this outfit is a bit like a guardian in God’s body 😉

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Adam became more and more handsome, he finally cut these braids on his head;)

Konunovich also got 5 minutes. Same with these individuals.

What are the stars of this culture

And how do you arrest someone in a public place when he himself appeared there in front of hundreds of people? What the hell are you blabber about without order and composition?


16 minutes ago

If you do what you are sure of at the moment, you will not regret it. You should have a distance between yourself and then it is easier for you to distance yourself from others. Simple rule. You have to grow up.

I did something to her face – chaba – she had a zyzolka operation – she lifted her mouth up looking older and uninteresting. But Adam Rielaga is handsome,

An old adage as old as the world is “don’t take a dick out of your pool” 🙂

when it passes. youths. emotions. 1 this love. I may not feel anything, but it is there. Well, there is a lot ahead of them

The fact is that Gąsiewska is a very talented and beautiful woman. It is sad that the tabloids have nothing to write about.

Dress like Dancing with the Stars, hopeless!

You bet he hates it. He was devastated after so many years together. At your age, you can doubt your self-confidence after such an event.

Was it impossible to undress more?

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