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Will America accept refugees from Russia? There is a notice from the authorities

Will America accept refugees from Russia?  There is a notice from the authorities

Last week, Russia announced a “partial demobilization.” About 300,000 people will be sent to the front. People. This decision caused protests among the people. There are protests against mobilization in the Russian Federation. However, the state machinery continues its operation and forcibly recruits those who have received the call-up into the army.

Mobilization-affected reservationists try to leave the country. Each time, social media spreads photos and videos from border crossings with long lines of Russians waiting to be controlled. Immediately after the announcement of the Russian President’s decree on mobilization, Russians quickly bought plane tickets to countries that do not require visas from citizens of the Russian Federation when entering their territory.

To let in or not to let in?

Due to the influx of refugees from Russia, EU countries faced the question of whether to open their borders and allow those who did not want to fight in Ukraine. Latvia and other Baltic countries They declared that they would not let the Russians in, even if they were running away from conscription.

Germany took a different route. “The way for Russians to come to Europe and to Germany must be opened,” Steffen Hebstreit, a spokesman for the German chancellor, told a press conference.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre presented the US position at the briefing. In his words, the US administration clearly distinguishes the actions of the Russian government and its military in Ukraine from the actions of the Russian people.

“Regardless of nationality, anyone applying for asylum from persecution can apply for assistance in the United States, and their application will be considered on a case-by-case basis,” he explained.

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The speaker mentioned that we will not discuss the policies of other countries on this issue.

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