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Will it be a mess in healthcare? There are no doctors to fulfill the government’s Super Express plan

Will it be a mess in healthcare?  There are no doctors to fulfill the government's Super Express plan


The government wants the good for those who are governed, but sometimes it can “overstate” these wills. “Every patient over 60 who has tested positive for coronavirus, no matter how they feel, should be examined by their primary care physician within 48 hours, also at home.” Doctors believe that “this decision will completely disrupt primary health care” and be disastrous for uninfected patients.

the Union zielona jura agreement (Partners approx. 14 thousand Family physicians, primary care, care more than 14 million The patients) Decisive Evaluate the government’s decision on the priority of protecting people over 60 years old. – New guidelines will lead to more debt accumulation health care, because chronically ill patients are treated in our clinics, who now cannot find care elsewhere, it won’t it is time. The doctor will not make a decision about which patient to treat, not based on their state of health, but guiding rules resort. In the first place, it will be obligatory, at the request of the patient, to visit a person over 60 years of age with a positive test result, but for example Nice The course of the disease – express an opinion Jacek Krajewski, President of the Zielonogórskie Convention Union. It must be added to the president’s statement that doctors usually work Friday 18:00.

Oh God, a candle.. Visible details in the struggle against the fifth wave of the epidemic

It seems that the convention chief is right. If only because many people are over 60 years old You won’t need it Visiting a doctor at home was not necessary, will come out Just after… visit. Quite a few people will have – even mild – symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection, especially those Much largerYou will be able to believe it this is the beginning Illness that may lead them to hospital. they will call See the doctor himself as soon as possible. this is not wrong Potential patients when they hear Corona virus disease, to see the forces intensive care. – I checked the daily reports from the previous epidemic wave, only with covid I took approx. 30 The patients. Half of them were p. 60. Omar. If I receive a report from a patient with a chronic illness, I have to cancel his visit and go home with the coronavirus. Not because of medical evidence for that, but because of it Administrator’s decision Family doctor expectations Joanna Zelog, vice president of the Podlasie Association of Physicians for Employers PZ.

The idea was commented on by one of the medical portals, Doctor “normal” family. “Let’s start with the fact that – even assuming Omikron is lighter than the Delta variant – with tens of thousands of infections per day, primary care physicians will still have Busy robots. In the meantime, the rulers force them to do research Every one is new Infected, even people No visible symptomsAfter three doses of the vaccine. How would they do that if they had a long line of patients waiting for an appointment? Secondly – there are certainly doctors in Poland not enoughIn order to be able to impose additional tasks on them (…). We have very few doctors in our country, and those there are falling flat on their faces from exhaustion after nearly two years of fighting the epidemic. And third, sending a doctor for a series of home visits, with high infection rates for Omicron, nIt will surely come to you It sooner or later disease. So it will get him out of activity for a good few days. And why all this? As always – to show that the government does anything without doing anything.” Is this evaluation Exhibition?

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The reality may be complicated by implementing another idea of ​​the anti-epidemic package. It is located around free test (Rapid antigen tests) Free, in pharmacies. Pharmacists think so it’s not good idea. not just because z 14 thousand Few pharmacies are (in theory) adapted to offer such a service (as of January 27). One of the tasks of the Ministry of Health is to fulfill the conditions in the pharmacy vaccination centers. Mass testing at such points with a mixture of infected and uninfected. may have reverse effect to the intended. These visits can end in quarantine, and if seniors are responsible, see above.

a. Doctor Hub. n. medicine. Robert Feliciak On the “Newsroom” programme, WordPress said that in the face of the expected huge number of infected workers (2 million In Quarantine) The way to prevent the paralysis of the state and the economy would be … abolishing the quarantine altogether. – People are in quarantine in the vast majority Most of them are in good health. It is enough for them to control themselves, and in case of injury isolated This was stated by the President of the Polish Association of Epidemiologists b.member The COVID-19 Medical Council at the premiere.


Do you trust the doctors?

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