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Will the environmental tax drown out the used car market?

Will the environmental tax drown out the used car market?

In the second quarter of this year. An increase in the number of offers for used cars, which cost more than 100,000 and PLN amounted to 12 percent, but cars are in the range of 50-100 thousand. The PLN saw a 5 percent increase. – Results from data.

On the other hand, at 14 percent. There are fewer cheaper cars on the market, up to 5,000 zlotys. They may be more expensive in the future due to the increasingly common environmental taxes. In the Netherlands, there was an offer to pay an additional amount for the kilometers traveled.

In Poland, the introduction of the National Reconstruction Plan includes additional fees for drivers. Is this a coffin stud for older used cars?

Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Slovenia – these are the only countries in the European Union that did not impose additional taxes on owners of the most emitting vehicles. For this reason, old emissions cars imported from abroad on the Vistula are very popular. According to the data of analysts, in the second quarter of this year. More than 45 percent of used cars for sale have more than 200,000 miles, and every fifth has been over 16 years old.

“There are about 29 million cars on Polish roads, and the average life of a car is 14.3 years. This shows that we can often see old vehicles on the road that are not environmentally friendly. However, with an environmental tax at already high prices, cars will increase Second-hand is worth more.standard, so we have to take into account that sooner or later it will be released.

There are provisions in the NRP that introduce additional fees for drivers. In the document, the start of their application is planned for the last quarter of 2024.

In Europe, the environmental tax has already been introduced in less wealthy countries than Poland. A good example is Bulgaria, where the fee depends on engine power, year of production and compliance with the EURO emissions standard.

“In Bulgaria, for an old high-powered vehicle, like 300 hp, we can pay up to 700 euros a year in tax. It should be noted that the average salary there is about 850 euros. So, as we can see, even in a less wealthy country, you can Fighting old cars >> Driving cars << In the Czech Republic, this one-time fee varies in the range of 121-202 euros, and in Hungary it is determined based on engine power and the age of the car, and is paid every year - explains Marek Trofimuk, an expert.

– The effect of imposing such a tax is evident in Romania, where people are starting to invest in new cars, not necessarily electric ones, leading to the deterioration of the secondary market.

The Netherlands – the leading country in promoting zero-emission transport – wants to go one step further. The local government is considering a tax on car kilometers. From 2030, the so-called kilometer fee is to reduce traffic jams, vehicular traffic and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

“In the Kingdom of the Netherlands, efforts are being made to eliminate diesel cars. The tax on ownership of this old car can reach 1.575 euros – it is payable every year. In Polish standards, such a high tax is unrealistic. It is also difficult to imagine introducing a fee On driving for kilometers and the reaction of society to such regulation ”- sums up Marek Trofimuk, an expert on car rules.

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Information source: AutoISO Sp. Zoo

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