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Will the next Battlefield be an Overwatch-style shooter? Disturbing leaks about EA plans

Will the next Battlefield be an Overwatch-style shooter?  Disturbing leaks about EA plans

The latest version of the Battlefield brand has greatly missed the expectations of players, so DICE and Electronic Arts got into a lot of trouble and had to do everything to save their latest work. Unfortunately, this may not be the end of their problems.

It turns out that according to the latest reports from popular IGN editor, Tom Henderson, EA is planning to turn the Battlefield brand into something like hero shooters. However, he will not be exactly the hero we imagine.

DICE is working on a game based on a developed system of specialists who have been involved in the series for many years. Maybe the developers are moving on to Rainbow Six: Siege, where each operator is some kind of hero and each plays a little differently. Interestingly, EA still wants to delve into the Battle Royale genre, despite the fact that their Apex Legends is one of the most important products included in this very popular genre. We’ll likely find out what comes out of it in the next 3-4 years, unless EA decides to roll out a new BF without saving Battlefield 2042.

The upcoming Battlefield is to be something of a hero shooter – they won’t remove specialists, but develop them.

#Battlefield2042 was always meant to be a step up towards a “hero shooter” in Battle Royale – they did it poorly.

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