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Will the PlayStation experience with PS5 and PS4 games come out on a specific date? The French remember the event

Will the PlayStation experience with PS5 and PS4 games come out on a specific date?  The French remember the event

More rumors about PlayStation Experience have surfaced recently. Sony’s event will introduce new games targeting PS5 and PS4, but the producer has yet to confirm the offer. However, the event was reported by subsequent editorial offices and other informants – many of them pointing to a specific date.

late last week We wrote about the brand new “PlayStation Experience”which may portend the imminent arrival of a new event. During the event, we must learn about a number of new games targeting PS5 and PS4.

The Japanese are not commenting on the increased speculation and have yet to set a specific date for a possible show, but more people are mentioning that they heard about the 8th of July. Yesterday reported French Jeuxvideo About a rumor about Ghost of IkishimaAt the end of the news, it was noted that Sony may reveal the game early next month.

Jeuxvideo journalists have repeatedly revealed interesting information about Sony and Microsoft in the past – in the latest article, the editorial office slows down a little enthusiasm (or can not announce it yet), but it should be noted that this is another source He’s dating the PlayStation experience until July 8.

In the current situation, we can wait for the official news from the PlayStation manufacturer. If the Japanese are really planning their “E3 answer”, we should know when the show will be soon.

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