September 23, 2021

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Will there be a new tax?  Finance Minister: I am not against

Will there be a new tax? Finance Minister: I am not against

Tadeusz Kosinski He was a guest on Polskie 24 Radio on Thursday, during which he referred during the conversation to the idea of ​​replacing income tax with income tax. – I am not against – said the Minister of Finance.

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Income Tax – What is it?

tax Income tax is an alternative to the current corporate tax system. CIT is charged to the company’s income, i.e. income which is reduced by the costs of obtaining it. tax Revenue is charged directly to total revenue, without the possibility of “writing off” costs.

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One of the proponents of the introduction of income tax is the Federation of Businessmen and Employers. In the study “Taxing Entrepreneurs”, ZPP points out that with the broad potential for tax optimization, CIT It pays only 38 percent in Poland. taxpayers.

“The taxation of income and the associated possibility of deducting the costs of withholding taxes from income, and then the application of various types of exemptions, causes larger entities to […] They have the option of reducing the amount of the tax obligation or even not paying the tax at all ”- we read.

Adam Abramovich, a spokesperson for SMEs, is also an advocate of introducing income tax.

Kościński on the introduction of income tax: I do not rule out

When asked whether it is possible to impose income tax in Poland, the Minister of Finance replied, “I do not rule out.” – We talk to the market, the market tells us different things. We analyze, talk, see how it turns out and whether we have a consensus – added Tadeusz Kosinski.

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As I mentioned DoorAnd Ministry of Finance You do not want to disclose your income tax structure. The new general tax can be applied in many different ways. The ZPP proposes to file an income tax at a rate that depends on the type of activity performed.

The rate can be from 1.5 percent. Up to 15 percent in the case of people who run a company, 0.49 percent. NS Banks and 1.49% for other companies with legal personality.

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