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Will TVN send Piotr Kraśka to America?! Is it a punishment or a reward?

Will TVN send Piotr Kraśka to America?!  Is it a punishment or a reward?

Despite honest intentions Peter Krasko He has not yet recovered from the troubles he brought upon himself own irresponsibility. arrival Good morning tvn and conducted an “interview” Dorota Wellman.

As for the film, that didn’t help either The presenter is already behind the wheel – In September 2021, the court fined him PLN 100,000 and banned him from driving for one year. Recently Krakow Photographs were also taken while driving A new Mercedes GLC300 4 Matic for a quarter of a million zlotys…

“Facts” is an issue that still keeps the anchor awake at night The inevitable return to work. The 51-year-old is rumored to be back at work on November 4 – and then his sick leave will end. However, this did not happen. TVN Warner Bros. Discovery did not reveal when Krasco will return to the air. It is said that his release may be extended. According to the Virtual Media Portal, according to Piotr’s recommendations He “cut off” the world and put away the company phone. Only top management of the company can contact the provider. In other words, TVN is getting louder and louder Rumors about the troubled future of the journalist.

It is said that we can fly to America on TVN. Not as a correspondent abroad, as he is Marcin Wrona, but as a CNN contributor – reveals a longtime TVN journalist.

Meanwhile, the TVN star is trying to shake off the stress of recent months in the hills. After several attempts, the editors of “Fakt” managed to contact Pyotr, who asked him about his immediate plans: “I’m just getting into Kiowont and I can’t speak”. His wife, Karolina Fehrenstein-Grasko, praised the family’s travel and climbing on Instagram. A loved one of the reconciled host revealed that he wanted to honor Ludwig Ferenstein’s memory by climbing the highest peak of the Western Tatras with the whole family.

We always and everywhere Col. Ludwig Ferenstein, my grandfather and the grandfather of my children Laura, Alexandra (Lucia) and Kostek – she wrote. After all, every beginning is only a continuation, and the book of events is always open in the middle. Great grandfather! Carolina added.

Cool life? Do you think Piotrek will fare better in the US?

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Pick him up and drop him off at Alcatraz

Unfortunately, its film ended

It’s Krashka’s Sweep Under the American Carpet: Mr.

Like a punishment 🙂 Running the main edition of the news program, however, is the pinnacle for the host. It’s a pity that he was so dirty, because he was hosting the show or talking to the guests very well.

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Let Majdanek go and take Honia with him🤣😂

Let him go and never come back, he can discipline American politicians

I am allergic to it 🤕

Only we still have layouts, puzzles, handles are washed, the eyes of the crow will not be broken, the boy will be finished in such America, and we send him to America as a reward for better funds.

If tvn continues to hire department staff and scammers like grasco, i will never watch any tvn shows again! Never!

Mr. No one holds the facts like Krasko, no one … and I deeply regret these decisions

I give Carolina a medal for still being with her!!

This only proves the morality of TVN. They teach, they criticize, they discipline, and they are hypocritical and cynical. The station adheres to the motto: As long as our lives are better. Until we are ruled by the earner. Until he judges us who does not move us.

Very biased, therefore not without merit. Maybe something will change in this Poland, if someone is like him, he will work in show business. And so it is throughout the civilized world. This doesn’t just apply to him, all these celebrities are married to God.

They are shooting themselves in the knee and getting rid of one of the best journalists!!! Will they be punished for life? There is a court for punishment and it has already been punished

See what money has been recognized from subscriptions to Travel to America

I admired this man, but … not anymore

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