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Windows 11 is surprising in YouTube standards. It’s faster than Windows 10

Windows 11 may turn out to be a much better optimized system than Windows 10, which translates to better results in benchmarks. This is evidenced by one of the YouTube videos, in which user Ben Anonymous compares both systems.


However, it is not entirely clear whether the comparison is entirely reasonable. As the creator says, the version of Windows 11 he’s using is a different one than “that Leaked to the InternetBen Anonymous states that he downloaded it from his developer account directly from Microsoft’s servers. However, it is worth remembering that The system is not officially on the market yet. It will be revealed on June 24th.

And although this part may raise some doubts, the movie shows both the alleged installation of Windows 11 and the first configuration. Later, there is also time for benchmarking and comparison tests with Windows 10. As it turned out, Windows 11 manages processor and cooling a little differentlyWhich translates to higher temperatures, but also better test results. Transfers during the SSD test are also higher.

Based on a specific test, Windows 11 It allows you to achieve better results from a few to tens or so of a percent. The YouTuber checked his laptop with both systems in tests In 3DMark, CrystalDiskMark, and Geekbench 5 And check startup time. Windows 11 also won in this area – in this case the login screen appears after 13 seconds (Windows 10 needs 16 seconds).

Will Windows 11 be available for free?  Your Windows 10, 8.1 or 7 key should be fine

Will Windows 11 be available for free? Your Windows 10, 8.1 or 7 key should be fine

There were also better results on the other tests. at CrystalDiskMark On our test computer running Windows 10, the read speed from the disk was 2,930 MB/sec, and the write speed was 3,189 MB/sec. for Windows 11 The results jumped to 3,448 MB/sec and 3,336 MB/sec respectively على.

W Geekbench 5 He also won Windows 11 by allowing Achieving a score of 7444 for multiple nuclei and 1251 for mononuclear (Windows 10 scored 6,284 points and 1,138 points, respectively). As in the case of 3DMark, the computer running Windows 11 reached a processor clock of 4.9 GHz (in the case of Windows 10 – 4.8 GHz), but interestingly The peak temperature was lower.

All of these results are promising, of course, but it is worth emphasizing that One should look at them from a distance. You can discuss the origin of the Windows 11 assembly, its capabilities shown in the movie, or consider the influence of drivers (perhaps not quite ready for Windows 11), which may lead to a hypothetical Improper power management and extremely dangerous temperature increases for components – Which of course translates into the result.


However, this does not change the fact that Windows 11 in the described tests is much better than the “ten”. If the final version only confirms this, Such news will certainly delight everyone – and most of all the players.

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