September 22, 2021

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Windows 11 without the expected feature at release

Windows 11 without the expected feature at release

Microsoft announceIt is expected by many customers and promoted vigorously by the company Android support will not be available at the time of Windows 11 release. Moliwo?? æ Launching mobile applications directly on the computer with ??? Eleven ?? One of the most interesting announcements was made at the June 24 conference. For this reason, perhaps in order to avoid irritating some users, this information has been woven into the thicket of positive reports about the upcoming system.

We look forward to continuing our journey of bringing Android apps to Windows 11 and the Microsoft Store through our partnership with Amazon and Intel. We’ll start this process by testing with Windows Insiders in the coming months.

they show Reviews that since support Android apps will be tested in the ‘coming months’ after that We shouldn’t expect to add this feature before 2022. Microsoft usually checks for new stuff with the help of Windows Insider long before it’s first offered.

While not one of the expected features, Windows 11 will start with the promised Microsoft Teams integration, a new design with an updated Start menu, and an improved Microsoft Store.

The ability to run Android apps on Windows isn’t entirely new. In 2020, access to smartphone software was provided on computers of the “ten”. However, we need a smartphone for this, which we connect to through the Your Phone app. On the other hand Native support option in the new system with the ability to download applications. Straight from the Microsoft Store would be a kind of revolution.

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Microsoft recently announced an exact version Premiere history Windows 11, which will be available as a free update on October 5th. The company also announced that all devices supported by the Redmond giant will receive a proper update. By the middle of next year.

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