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Winter holidays 2022 – Ministry of Education and Science

Winter holidays 2022 - Ministry of Education and Science

In the 2021/2022 school year, winter holidays will be organized on the following dates:

Counties: Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Lubuskie, Małopolskie, Świętokrzyskie, Wielkopolskie

  • Jan 24 – Feb 6 2022

Provinces: Podlaskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie

  • From January 31 to February 13, 2022

Counties: Dolnośląskie, Mazowieckie, Opolskie, Zachodniopomorskie

Voivodships: Lubelskie, ódzkie, Podkarpackie, Pomorskie, Śląskie

Entertainment for kids and teens

It is the responsibility of the organizer to report the rest of the children and adolescents to the appropriate principal via the comfort rule system. Thanks to it, parents and guardians can easily and quickly check the reliability of the holiday organizer. The rule ensures that the holiday is organized in accordance with established regulations and procedures.

Currently, the system is registered 4500 entries. Approximately 130 thousand people will participate in the organized leisure. the students:

  • Domestic flights – 80 thousand,
  • day camps – 44 thousand,
  • Overseas trips – more than 3,300 people.

Recreation organizers will continue to report organized holidays on subsequent dates.

Health tips for organizing winter recreation

Due to the ongoing state of the epidemic, the organizer is obligated to follow the recommendations in the guidelines for organizers of winter holidays for children and adolescents in the 2021/2022 school year. The recommendations were prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Head of the Health Inspection.

The guidelines are the basis for leisure organizers to develop their own safety procedures (regulations) to adapt them to various forms of entertainment. Regulations should take into account the specificity and nature of the planned activities, the method and place of their implementation and other local conditions – respectively in winter camps, summer camps, summer camps, camps, workshops and training courses.

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On the website of the Ministry of Education and Science, in the “Free time” tab, there is also a “Guide to Safe Rest”, which contains information for rest organizers, parents and participants during the winter holidays. Information about the principles of regulating recreation is also available on the websites of education boards.

Safety during winter recreation

Regardless of whether students are going on an organized vacation, vacationing at home or at a day camp, it is important to maintain basic safety rules and regulations. Applicable to both movement and various forms of activity and rest.

  • Safe fun and outdoor activities

Children must be accompanied by adult parents during the Winter Games. For outdoor games and activities, choose only safe places, preferably places designated for this. Do not ride the sled near the road or attach it to a car or farm tractor. The organization of sleigh rides on public roads in this way is not only illegal, but, above all, poses a danger to its participants.

Parents and guardians should also pay attention to the safety of children who are walking for a walk, especially in conditions of limited visibility. It is worth remembering the basic rules of road navigation and equipping the youngest with reflective elements.

  • transportation control

Leisure organizers, as well as parents and guardians of children, may request an inspection by the Provincial Road Transport Inspectorate. Inspections are carried out at checkpoints, if possible at the point of departure of the bus, and on major transport routes.

  • Scheduled single trips

Parents traveling with their children on their own transportation should check the technical condition of the vehicle and its equipment before travelling. It is worth remembering that a safe speed is the basis for a safe journey. The proper psychosomatic condition of the driver is also important.

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