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Wirtualna Polska – Everything is important

Wirtualna Polska - Everything is important

We present Nicholas Copernicus – not only a famous astronomer, but above all an expert and lover of art. Together with friends – Elisa Urzyszkow, Jan Matejka and Maria Skłodowska-Curie – they will introduce you to the world of Polish national heritage. Soon you will meet them all on the KRONIK @ portal prepared by the Prime Minister’s Chancellery.

Imagine a multi-volume encyclopedia majestically dominating the rows of books on library shelves. You can access it to learn more, to explore issues related to Polish culture, art and history. You search, browse the following pages, take notes and transcribe, although it is not easy to control the wealth of various irrelevant information … Now just think that you will soon find all this in digital form on the KRONIK @ portal. The digital heritage of Polish culture and science will soon open its doors to you.

What is KRONIK @?

KRONIK @ is the acronym under which the National Repository of Scientific and Cultural Objects is hidden. It is a digital integration platform that brings together the works of Polish culture and sciences that have hitherto spread in the digital space. Archives, books, paintings and sculptures will soon be available on the portal to everyone.

Digitization, which has been going on for more than a dozen years, has been treated as the best way to secure museum or archive holdings, as well as scholarly works, creating gigantic digital repositories. Each of them operates as a separate entity in the internet space. Hundreds of portals have been created displaying the achievements of Polish artists and scientists. Until recently, in order to gather information about a favorite writer or illustrator in one place, each of us had to wade through a thicket of sites, links and addresses. We copied information or images, pasted links to our main “repositories” in a text editor or notebook, created on a computer.

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