October 18, 2021

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Wirtualna Polska - everything matters

Wirtualna Polska – everything matters

A month after the accident at Grudziądz Racecourse, Tai Woffinden is back in the race. The Briton will immediately have to test his opponent from the top of the shelves, because on Sunday Pittard Sparta Wroclaw will host Fogo Onia Leszno.

At the club and the team from the capital of Lower Silesia, they were waiting for the moment when Tay and Venden felt strong enough to play in the league match. The first attempts took place a week ago, but the pain in his injured arm ruled out his performance against Stal in Gorzów. Everything is under control now. On Friday we got official confirmation: Woffinden will face Fogo Unia Leszno.

The three-time world champion will be under pressure. During his absence, in two of the three matches, Wrocław used the substitute player for concerts. Aside from the leaders, Maciej Janowski, Artium Aguta, Gleb Kzojono and Daniel Pioli did not disappoint. It was calculated that Betard Sparta Wrocław did not lose any of Woffinden’s absence.

This is one of the reasons for the British performance check. There are many voices that it would be better for the citizens of Wroclaw to use the “ZZ” again in a confrontation with a very strong opponent, because the aforementioned four perfectly match the oval in the Olympic stadium. On the other hand, Woffinden is world-class and Sparta will need it in the coming weeks. Coach Dariusz led W “safely” and Vinden also placed in the team, because he named him to 10. In theory, he would have easier rounds, because according to the program he would face the younger guests twice.

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