October 21, 2021

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Wirtualna Polska - everything matters

Wirtualna Polska – everything matters

In Belgium, the police and army launched a raid on 46-year-old professional soldier Jürgen Konings. According to media reports, the man left a farewell speech in which he announced that he would take revenge on the health restrictions imposed in the country.

According to police information, 46-year-old Jürgen Konings was scheduled to leave his home on May 17. Before leaving, he had to leave a farewell letter stating that he “can no longer live in a society in which politicians and virologists have taken everything from us.” He also said he was ready for a “bloody battle with the police.”

The man is a professional soldier who works in the military barracks as a shooting trainer. On Tuesday afternoon, the police found the suspect’s car, in which they found four rocket launchers. Funnels can also carry a machine gun, pistol, and bulletproof vest.

According to the hln.be portal, the man in his circle of friends is considered a right-wing extremist and an unrepentant anti-vaccination activist. In the past, he was supposed to make death threats against Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst. The doctor and his family were separated in uniform.

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