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With a travel voucher for health

With a travel voucher for health

Doctors point out that trips with family or with peers will allow children to rebuild their health, restore mental balance and return after months of confinement at home and limited activity in reality. In such a case, the tourist voucher will be invaluable.

The tourist voucher can be used to pay not only for accommodation or excursions with accommodation, but also for day trips or day camping. This is good news for the upcoming holiday. And while the majority of parents certainly wonder if their children should go anywhere at all, doctors agree that proper development requires movement and contact with peers.

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You will add health march

Doctors have no doubt that the prolonged closure of children and teens due to restrictions resulting from the coronavirus pandemic will affect their health.

– By connecting with friends, children learn to resolve conflicts, help each other, and establish relationships – he points out Dominika Paulowska-Mroz, Psychiatrist.

Physical activity is equally important for mental development. When we move, resting our head, neurotransmitters that promote happiness are released: dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, which also have a positive effect on our cognitive abilities. If you are constantly at home, you usually end up sitting in front of your computer or browsing information on your phone. This also puts a strain on the body from a physical point of view, the eyes hurt, the spine suffers – he adds.

When asked how parents can tackle this, Pawłowska-Mróz replied that they should make sure their children meet their friends outdoors, even if they wear masks during this time.

– Outside, the transmission of the coronavirus is much less than in closed rooms, so a walk in the park or in the forest is relatively safe from the point of view of the epidemic, and at the same time beneficial for our psyche and physical behaviors – he explains. It is worth getting out of the city, if not for the last modern forest treat, then at least for a walk to breathe fresh air and enjoy the colors of nature that wakes up to life. When we look at green, calm down – emphasizes.

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longing for love

The doctor admits that in the event of the closure, the number of younger and older children who have to use psychiatrists has increased, while access to these specialists is limited. This is another reason why parents should be particularly concerned about keeping their children mobile.

In this case, joint trips are invaluable. Only if the epidemiological situation allows, children should start leaving, even for a short time, or participating in day camps.

Leaving the house will also be beneficial for parents who are also under tremendous stress. Some of them have had to switch to remote work, and although it seems to have saved them time on the move, now they are working more. Added to this is school homework, as many children need extra help with lessons. Others struggle with the problem of losing their jobs, he says, adding that when parents miss their kids a little bit and kids lose their parents, their relationships will improve.

Dr. Pawłowska-Mróz claims that the wave of mental problems in children and adolescents resulting from the restrictions of the pandemic is still ahead. It can already be seen that the number of depressive disorders, anxiety disorders and suicide attempts has increased in younger Poles, and if adults do not react in time, the situation will only worsen.

Will the tests convince the parents?

Dr. Michal Sotkowski, spokesperson for the College of Family Physicians of Poland He asserts that being at home all the time has a negative impact not only on mental health but also on physical health.

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“Movement is important for many reasons,” he says. It reduces the risk of being overweight, and the Polish youth is the record holder in Europe in this regard, as it helps build immunity, not to mention the beneficial effect on our psyche, which in turn is important for the condition of the whole organism. In the case of children up to the age of three, we are talking about psychomotor development – she confirms.
Sotkowski points out that in the event of a pandemic, we must act in a way that ensures common security on the one hand, but not remain constantly closed off on the other. He believes holiday trips will be possible this summer. Therefore, it supports the promotion of family entertainment. On the other hand, group trips are preferred between people whose epidemiological status is known. Here, it is useful to conduct tests among the participants in the colonies and camps, which can persuade parents to send their children to them.

To go apart, together or separately

join these voices Psychologist, Marta Wajtas Children Empowerment Foundation. As he explains, due to the lockdown, children lack social contacts. Being separated from peers can be especially painful, and in some periods of life it is their most important reference group.

– We have already seen that the moods of many youngsters are in a bad mood, and if they had any troubles before, it may get worse now – she points out.

After spending more than a year at home, young and old begin to fear returning to reality. While an adult’s year may seem like a relatively short period, a child can view it as an important part of life. And the epidemic, unfortunately, is also a long period of social alienation – as the psychologist explains.

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In her opinion, returning to reality will be a huge challenge for many, because you will have to face your fears, but also change your habits. In the process, departures can be useful, as they allow you to see that the outside world is not so scary. In addition, they are important because they allow you to gain new experiences, develop social skills and help maintain a “digital balance”.

Nowadays, children spend a lot of time in front of the screens of computers and smartphones. He explains that it is worth enabling them to develop their passion offline.

Is it better for children to go with a group of their peers, or perhaps with their parents, the psychiatrist says there is no clear answer here. For some, it will be better to stay among their peers, because it will allow them to prove themselves, take on new challenges, and others will feel safe with their families. And although we’ve been in our company for a year without a break, the joint journey allows us to look at ourselves from a different perspective, which is also beneficial for our relationships – sums it up.

The material comes from the appendix “Rzeczpospolita” “Tourist voucher for each season” (05/28/2021) and was created in cooperation with the Polish Tourism Organization.

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