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With this picture, Robert Lewandowski commented on Burak from Holland on Instagram

With this picture, Robert Lewandowski commented on Burak from Holland on Instagram

The Polish national team is still not sure of remaining in the first division. Piao Zeroni completely failed at the National Stadium and lost 0:2 to the Netherlands. Game The charges of Czeslav Mitchnowitz left much to be desired. They were just a backdrop to the dominant competitors. Also play a colorless match Robert Lewandowski. What is more, the FC Barcelona player broke his famous record in the number of minutes without scoring a goal on the national stadium. Now 414 minutes Previously, it was 364 minutes.

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Lewandowski returned home. The crowd’s reaction was divided

Lewandowski is angry with his colleagues. purposeful comment. “We still have a lot of work to do.”

The Poland captain was clearly disappointed with the team’s match. “On Thursday, he not only waved his hands and had a grudge, because he advised his teammates too. And he did it a lot – he pointed with his hand, approached, spoke, and showed with his hand where they should play at a given moment. summitOr even arguing with defenders and saying how they should take a corner kick. These were gestures arising not only from grievances, but also from responsibility for the squad, which Lewandowski also tried to motivate and strengthen on Thursday ”- Reported by Bartłomiej Kubiak from

Only two players from the national team wanted to talk to reporters. “goals from nothing”

After the match, the 34-year-old striker made a short but rude comment love Team. Al Kotb posted an intervention on Instagram with an eloquent comment. His words do not inspire optimism, especially in the context of the upcoming World Cup. “We still have a lot of work to do,” Lewandowski emphasized, then thanked the fans for their encouragement. “Thank you for always supporting us.”

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And the encouragement was enormous, at least at the start of the competition. Nearly 57,000 fans sat in the stands of the National Stadium. However, some of them left their places before the end of the meeting. And all because of the terrible attitude of our players. “Long scenes unseen at the National Stadium. Fans leave before the final whistle” – Dominic Wardzichowski, journalist at wrote on Twitter.

Louis van GalVan Gaal did not want to kill the Poles. Amenities: The game could have gone differently

On Sunday, September 25, the Polish national team will play at the end Game This year’s edition of the National League. Wales will be their rival. Michniewicz is only bound to remain in Division A. The match starts at 20:45. Live coverage on and the LIVE mobile application.

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