July 28, 2021

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Without a "health permit" there would be no coffee croissant.  The French were quick to vaccinate

Without a “health permit” there would be no coffee croissant. The French were quick to vaccinate

New rules of conduct during the pandemic Corona virus Macron announced the evening of Monday 12 July. The stated rules are to protect the French from developing a delta variant, which could end with another one a lock.

France is at war with the Corona virus. Macron announces mandatory vaccinations

According to the rules in effect on August 1, unvaccinated people and those who have not recovered and have tested negative for COVID-19 will lose access to bars, cafes, restaurants and shopping malls, as well as planes, trains and buses. Earlier, from July 21, these people would not be able to visit cinemas and theaters as well as other places of “relaxation and culture” where more than 50 people gather.

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Why do Poles not want to be vaccinated against COVID-19?

Macron appealed to the imagination of the French

The “Health Card” was announced to encourage the French to get vaccinated. And already encouraged. According to what was reported by Agence France-PresseShortly after Macron’s announcement, the website DOCTOLIB.FR, where you can schedule tests, medical appointments, or schedule a coronavirus vaccination, was broken. reason? Many people chose to sign up for Vaccines.

“After the announcement of these new regulations yesterday evening by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, as of this morning (July 13 – editor) more than 900,000 French people have registered for vaccination against COVID-19” – said economist Alija Divratica on Twitter.

Currently, more than half of French citizens are vaccinated with at least one dose, but just over 36 percent have received full vaccination. Starting in the fall, the French will pay for PCR tests for COVID-19. “We will do the same everywhere, recognizing civic attitudes and imposing restrictions on those who have not been vaccinated,” he said. Emmanuel Macron.

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Compulsory vaccinations for the French medical services

President Macron also announced that from mid-September, unvaccinated people will not be able to work in the healthcare system. Vaccinations will be mandatory for medical personnel, but also for other people who come into contact with patients. After September 15, the process of checking whether all employees have been vaccinated will begin, followed by possible “sanctions”.

At the same time, Macron announced the imposition of a state of emergency and a curfew in the overseas territories of La Reunion and Martinique due to the development of the next wave. pandemic.

Not only France

As reported by Reuters, Greece wants to offer similar solutions. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mykotakis announced on Monday that due to the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Greece, vaccination against the disease will be mandatory for healthcare workers and nursing home employees.

The vaccination obligation for nursing home workers takes effect immediately, and for health care workers from September 1. Micotakis also announced new companies restrictions Regarding the epidemic. Bars, cinemas, theaters and other places where people meet inside will only be available to the vaccinated person.

The delta variant is becoming more and more popular in Europe

As we wrote in Next.gazeta.pl, the number of new coronavirus infections in Europe is no longer decreasing. From early June and July, it is clearly in an upward trend. At this point in Europe, the largest number of cases was registered for two months, and when counting only the countries of the European Union – for about a month and a half. Everywhere, the culprit is the delta variant, which is tens of percent more contagious than the British mutation.

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.The delta tormented Europe. The number of injuries is increasing and the restrictions are back [WYKRES DNIA]

Still the leader in Europe United kingdomMore than 30,000 people have arrived in recent days. New infections daily. This is the highest amount since the end of January this year.

Week after week, new countries join the group of European countries with significant increases in infections. The Netherlands has recorded a significant increase in infections, especially among young people. The country’s prime minister, Mark Rutte, responded by restoring some restrictions from Saturday, July 10. closed m.at. Nightclubs, discos, sporting events and concerts have been canceled, and the obligation to stay one and a half meters apart in restaurants has been restored. Restrictions will be in effect until August 13.

Other restrictions were also imposed by, among others, Portugal. On weekends, only people with a Covid passport can be inside restaurants in the areas most affected by the new wave of infections (including Lisbon). A similar entry was made in Hotels. Hours were limited too work restaurants or shops.