September 22, 2021

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Wittold Vazkovsky on US reaction to "Lex TVN": Many American politicians are disappointed |  Policy

Wittold Vazkovsky on US reaction to “Lex TVN”: Many American politicians are disappointed | Policy

– Requires serious conversation. Many American politicians seem to be being deceived at this point, Wm. Polsat News Wittold Vaskikovsky. He asked who the politicians were cheating on United StatesMEP replied: – I do not know. However, they have a one-sided view of what is happening in Poland, which is why I urge the police SequenceReach out to American politicians, stay away from this hysteria and this ideological hatred, and talk to the point of Polish and European law.

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Moraviki on “Lex TVN”: Our arguments are distorted and its repercussions are reaching abroad

American reaction to Vittol Vazkovsky’s “Lex TVN”.

The politician argued that “if the information (media law – edition) was given to them by the current incumbent Pix Aliu, they do not have good information, but unilaterally”.

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– Recently, many Congressmen wrote a letter to Poland, saying that it is worth it if it is ours MPs Responded to this letter. There is a speech by Secretary of State Blinken, whose speech is worth meeting the speech of one of us MSZ. It is worth going there to speak in Congress at the analysis centers – he said.

Waskowski was asked if he could introduce “Lex TVN” without losing anything in his relationship with the United States. – Yes. If we talk to them seriously and honestly and show them how these American companies have violated Polish and European law, we can communicate without losing any of those agreements, ”he said.

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Anthony Blingen criticizes “Lex TVN”

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen on Thursday expressed “deep concern” over Poland’s adoption. Sage Amendments to the Code of Administrative Procedure and Broadcasting.

In his opinion, “Lex TVN” undermines media freedom in Poland, “the poles have worked for so long”. “The law directly targets US investments that ensure joint growth and security,” he stressed. Earlier, members of the US House of Representatives warned against enforcing the Media Act. They stressed that the new rules could threaten Poland’s relations with the United States.

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On Wednesday, the CEZM also passed an amendment to the Broadcasting Act, which aims to change the rules for granting broadcasting licenses to the media with foreign capital. The new rules will only allow concessions to individuals, companies or companies outside the region that are members of the European Economic Area independently. The amendment will now be discussed in the Senate.