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Wojciech Mann about the head of PiS. “I wonder when he will finally become Zosia”

Wojciech Mann about the head of PiS.  "I wonder when he will finally become Zosia"

Voich man After a short break (“I had a little Tetmajer on Facebook”) he decided to get back into public life again, leaving a short comment on his Facebook page. The journalist watches there 333 thousand. Internet users.

In his last intervention, Mann referred to “a beloved leader’s tour of his lands chosen and yet safe.”

I wonder when he’ll finally turn into the Zosia he still remembers. With full make-up, mini skirt and net stockings, he can even improve his overall ratings” – comments Mann, referring succinctly to the vociferous rhetoric of the PiS president and his government “joke about zosia” from this year.

Let us remember: Jaroslav Kaczynsky during a meeting then addressed the men in the front row: – Let’s imagine that a gentleman comes to his work (…) and says: “I’m not Waddeslaw, I’m Zosia” He said causing an explosion of laughter in the room. – According to what we were told from the West, everyone should follow it. Why am I Zosia? Perhaps tomorrow I will return to Władysław again, but today I am Zosia – continue. His words were seen as a mockery of LGBT people.

Kaczyński repeated “The Joke About Zosia” including. At the beginning of October during a meeting in Koszalin.

Sources: Facebook, Onet


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