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Wojciech Modest Amaro enjoying dinner in the company of his loved ones and … the camera is pointing directly at the face (photos)

Wojciech Modest Amaro enjoying dinner in the company of his loved ones and ... the camera is pointing directly at the face (photos)

During the outdoor meal, Wojciech Modest Amaru was accompanied by his wife, sons, husband and the entire film crew. Nothing beats exhilarating moments in an intimate circle?

Wojciech modest Amaru He became known to a wider audience, not only as a demanding host of “Hell’s Kitchen”, but also as a staunch Catholic, willing to preach God’s word wherever the need arose. The family was an important component of the restaurateur’s public image, which this summer expanded to include two burly men – the husbands of the Polish star’s stepson.

A testament to the beauty of living in a large family Wojciech modest Amaru He recently had the opportunity during a tour of Sopot. Culinary celebrities With his wife Aniszka, sons Nicolas and Gabriel Charbel, as well as daughter Carolina and her husband Jacob. They went to a meal together in an elegant restaurant, where waiters serve delicacies while wearing white gloves. There would be nothing unusual about that, were it not for the fact that The film crew followed the family step by step, Those who always put lenses on their faces.

See for yourself under what circumstances humble Wojciech Amaru and his relatives had to eat their meals. Is life difficult for celebrities?

I don’t trust religious fanatics like him.

God commanded him to yell at the participants in the cooking programs? There is a little Christian mercy in it

What a dinner with the family… 😀

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I wonder what this amaro rig would do if it wasn’t running on gas and the bars would collapse… I can see it’s still in the clouds because today it has to save up and eat at home. He’s a farmer

Did they say basyurek before the meal?

If I will book in this restaurant, I would like to know that there will be a circus like this….

He will not cure himself of this stardom. Regardless of stardom, culinary or religion, she has it.

Is this God’s way of dazzling wealth? How does this relate to humility and humility? Help me, O Lord, from those who are converted and preacher of faith such a famous one.

People need to believe badly or they must think for themselves.

Heh, it was put like a fix….

Basiura, but you went crazy and that’s how you’re going to die. Do not be afraid of this. It’s normal.

I’m curious if the toilet visit is also documented…

Even in the trough they have to photograph themselves.

Who is this Amaru????

This is a bracelet and that’s all there is to it

And I will treat him in a restaurant the way he treats people, which is rare and hesitant

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