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Wojciech Wysocki defeated Cancer twice. Now it is “oncelebrity”

Wojciech Wysocki defeated Cancer twice.  Now it is "oncelebrity"

  • Wojciech Wysocki made his debut in the 1976 movie “Con amore”, and his personality sparked hate among viewers.
  • Wojciech Wesuke developed testicular cancer twice. He has overcome his illness, but he still lives in fear for his health
  • For many years, the actor has been happily married to Joanna, who is arranged by … Wiktor Zborowski
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Filmmakers always strive to arouse some emotions in their viewers. However, the makers of “Con amore”, which premiered on May 24, 1976, may not have expected that one of the actors would become hated by those who left the show.. This actor was Wojciech Wysocki – his debut on the big screen. The young man skilled in the art of acting faced many negative emotions. In later years, he managed to get rid of the evil Odium, and life added a tablespoon of tar. How did the march go and how did he face the fate of Wojciech Wesuke?

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Wojciech Wysocki. Blessing in disguise

Everyone knows the saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. But how many times can you get hit by life and still standing? Wojciech Wysocki can say a lot. He was known as a good writer from “Na Wspólnej” or a businessman from “M jak miłoł” who took many painful blows from life. Before making himself forever at home in the minds of Polish viewers, he took his education diligently, first in Szczecin, and then at the State Higher School of Theater in Warsaw.

Photo: Marek Olatowski / mwmedia / MW Media

Wojciech Wysocki

Although he had already learned a lesson from life at that time. “I didn’t know what to do with my life. I was thinking about sports journalism and Polish studies. Joanna Colmo advised me to apply to theater school. I went to the exams, but I didn’t get it. 14 nominees were accepted, and I saw my name under a big red line ‘- it called that on’ Super Express’.

Failure proved to him that acting was his dream. Unsuccessful recruitment turned PWST into opportunity: he received an invitation to a theater working at Zak يعملady Azotowe in Puławy. For a year he dealt with, among other things, allowing viewers to enter, sew costumes, and then pass the test again. This time he got in and really wanted to take advantage of the opportunity given to him. Already while studying, he appeared in Gerard Zalowski’s TV movie “My Children’s House”. He played alongside Marek Walchowski and Peta Tyszkewitz, and the picture was appreciated at the Cannes TV show.

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He took a real, serious step – or even a seven-mile jump – toward professional acting in 1976, when “Con amore” premiered.. This was the debut for Wojciech Wysocki, which gave him a whole range of vibes on the part of the public. So much so that the aspiring actor was afraid … to take to the streets. why? All because of the character he played in the movie. It was a huge box office success. There she played a bad character, Grzegorz, who sacrificed his love for a career. There were times when people would spit on me on the street because they introduced me to the character I played. ” – He summoned the “Super Express”.

Wojciech Wysocki. Versatile actor

After such a strong entry into the world of acting, Wojciech Wysocki didn’t have to deal with this extreme backlash later on. Playing in “Con amore” has filmmakers and theater makers eagerly offer the young actor a job. It cannot be denied that they were mostly villains. The range of roles did not expand significantly until after some time, and Wojciech Wysocki gained a reputation as a versatile actor. “When I think about it today, I think my entire career path has just shifted from bad characters to good-natured characters” – said the actor in “Super Express”.


Wojciech Wysocki

It is a cruel profession. It often causes a lot of emotional problems, because we all share ambition, and it doesn’t always work out. In addition, it is an increasingly service profession in which there is perpetual racing. Although now you compete in every field … but I am not complaining. In general, the balance of profit and loss is not the worst, “- said the actor in an interview with” Dziennik Polski “.

However, not everything went according to plan. Life had a different scenario. As a young man, Wojciech Wysocki lived a fairly stable life. One of the events ended with a reservation visit. “After I drank too much, I shouted anti-authorities slogans on the street. At the time, I was still a completely anonymous actor. Luckily, my friends from Współczesny Theater – Jan Englert and Mietek Czechowicz – were already so well known that being at the police station was enough for me to leave ”- he remembers in“ Dziennik Polski ”.

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This unexpected nursery visit ended not only with a headache but also … with love! It was in this place of solitude that the actor met Magorzata, with whom he developed a relationship for 13 years.. Then they decided to get married and … they stayed together for a year. “It is not easy to understand that the actor’s husband who comes back from work in the late evening runs to the rehearsal in the morning and takes pictures for a movie during the break and has no time for home” – he admitted in an interview with Live.

At the same time, fate decided to try the actor in addition. When Wojciech Wysocki was 35 years old, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He did not give up and recovered. Unfortunately fate did not give up …

Wojciech Wysocki. Enjoy breaks for drama

The actor used to live alone and turn away from women because he felt cheated on them. Friends wanted to help him find true love. In 1998, he appeared at the Actor’s Song Festival in Wroclaw, where he caught the attention of Joanna, who was 16 years younger than him. He pushed his friend Wiktor Zborowski Wysocki in her arms. “I tell Joanna that I am a man with a history, but you can count on me. Usually I think about everything in my life for a long time, but with Joanna everything happened very quickly. We met in March, and in May she was already in Warsaw” – the actor stated in “Super Express “.

Photo: MW Media

Wojciech Wysocki with his wife

The actor thought that luck finally smiled at him: he had a wife who loved him, they lived together, and they were expecting the birth of his daughter Rosalia. But fate has not forgotten itself. After a series of tests, it turned out that the severe disease had returned. “I remember that phone call and my personal terrorist. Because in the beginning there was always terrorism. And then I decided to fight. The day before Rosalka was born, I knew I had someone to live for, and I just can’t give up. Even though I was taking chemotherapy really bad this time– He revealed in an interview with “Zenik Polski”.

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Unfortunately, the actor had to deal not only with his health, but also with the surprising reaction of the environment. “The first time, in 1988, no one had a problem with that. People sympathized with me, but no one treated me like I was a leper or a lifeless person. It was different the second time, 15 years ago. Then many doors closed in my face. I wanted to keep working, but people turned away from the sick person. It was very unpleasant. I can safely say that I have lost some nice roles because of this position, “- he revealed in an interview with” Fact “.

Wojciech Wysocki. Oncocelebrity in action

Wojciech Wysocki defeated Cancer for the second time. And he did not hide his fight. “Don’t be afraid to say the guy has balls. He’s injured! One of them, unfortunately, gets sick sometimes. Despite having one testicle removed, today I am the father of a beautiful 15-year-old daughter, Rosalia. can you? You can! – He said in an interview with “Fact.” The actor sometimes describes himself as a “celebrity” because he uses his confession to educate men and encourage regular screening. Besides, he himself undergoes comprehensive checks regularly.

Photo: MW Media / MW Media

Wojciech Wysocki with his wife

It does not hide that he was still afraid of the third stroke of fate. “Now I am a healthy person, but during the annual checkups I always fear that the cancer may come back” – Wojciech Wysocki said in “Fakt.” “Every day I don’t die of fear, but I do fear once a year, in June, when I check myself well. I think a person diagnosed with cancer will never get rid of their fears. I appreciate what I have the most. I try not to worry about the details. Over the years, I reverted to my old behaviors and habits. ” – Wojciech Wysocki said in an interview with “Na Żywo”.

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