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World Cup in Qatar 2022. Qataris spend 400 times more than Americans – Business

World Cup in Qatar 2022. Qataris spend 400 times more than Americans - Business

With all these crimes, the horrendous mismanagement by the organizers of the championship is insignificant. The total cost of the tournament in Qatar is at least US$220 billion, almost five times the total spent by the organizers of the last eight World Cups – yet the hosts of the championships in Russia and Brazil have been accused of criminal extravagance.

Costs of organizing the Football World Cup 1990-2022

Photo: Forbes

Qatar has calculated that its local economy will be enriched by 17 billion dollars thanks to the World Cup, so the organizational costs cannot be repaid. At least in theory. The sheikhs don’t organize tournaments to make money, but to strengthen their soft power – and sports have been their favorite tool for years. And worse, maybe useful.

An estimated 1.2 million football fans will visit Qatar. A month before the start of the World Cup, organizers boasted that they had sold 2.89 million tickets – the most for the Qataris, the Americans and the Saudis. On the Internet, Coca-Cola or Pepsi World Cup ads clash with Christmas commercials, and FIFA reckons the tournament’s TV audience will reach 5 billion – 1.5 billion more than the record-breaking championship in Russia. .

Skipping the championship? Probably only in our social bubble…

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World Cup tour to Qatar

World Cup tour to Qatar

Photo: Forbes

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