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Worst console ports ever. 10 of the weakest conversions on keyboards

Worst console ports ever.  10 of the weakest conversions on keyboards

Worst console ports ever. 10 tragic game transformations on both mobile and fixed devices

When the topic of bad and broken game diversions arises, the first thing that comes to mind is the output ports from the console to the PC. Unfortunately, the problem is not only related to computers. Also on such successful devices, for example, PS3 or PS Vita, there was no shortage of poorly generated code, titles so poorly transferred from other platforms that it is difficult to conduct normal gameplay in them. Below is a list of these monsters we struggled with on both desktop and mobile consoles.

10. Psychonauts (PS2)

Psychonauts is an excellent game, so it was sadder that the title received such a poor transfer to PS2 (the project was created with Xbox technical specifications in mind and was later ported to the Sony console). Compared with Microsoft devices, this production works and looks significantly poorer, and at the same time provides “pull factors” in the form of many bugs and very long uploads. To make it even more fun, this horrible version of Psychonauts that looks great is on sale on PS4.

9. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (PlayStation 3)

Shadow of Mordor should not be released on X360 and PS3. While the game worked great on PS4 and XOne, the “older generation” hardware didn’t adapt to rendering smooth graphics in this production, delivering a frame rate that rarely exceeds 18 fps (and often peaks around 10 fps). In many situations, the production offered a real slideshow on PS3 – in this version the game worked much worse, although the X360 version also left much to be desired, as well as tired players with too frequent and long loading, pop-ups and glitches. It is shocking that the publisher decided to bring such a flawed product to market after all.

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8. Ratchet and Clack: Q Force (PlayStation Vita)

Ratchet and Clack: Q Force (aka “Q Crew” aka “Full Frontal Assault”). It is widely considered the worst conversion ever to hit the PS Vita. Such a ruling is not surprising. Production, which was released about a year after it debuted on PS3, suffered from Sony’s manual load due to uneven frame rate, ugly textures, and terribly long uploads. Surprisingly, such a well-known brand was completely neglected in Vita.

7. ARK: Survival Evolved (Switch, first version)

It’s no novelty that the Switch will soon receive a new version of ARK (according to new information, it will happen on November 1). This title was released on the Nintendo console in a tragic state. So bad that you can safely describe the game in the current version as unplayable crap. The matter has been thoroughly analyzed by the editors of Digital Foundry (video below). In particular, what’s shocking about this port is the pop of objects, the incredibly low LOD level, and the dramatic drops in dynamic resolution, “when you can count individual pixels on a screen.”

6. WWE 2K18 (Switch)

If you thought WWE 2K20 was tragically weak, I encourage you to release WWE 2K18 in the Switch version. You’ll see what a real tech drama looks like. An awfully low frame rate, lots of bugs, errors in physics and collision detection are the main “pull factors” this incredibly weak port serves.

5. Doom (3DO)

Death appeared on a block of platforms. The 3D console was by far the worst shooter version. There was only one person responsible for creating the port, Rebecca Heineman, whose publisher declared that he only had to “recompile” the existing code. When the developer started work, the truth turned out to be completely different – Heineman had to deal with many problems arising from the 3DO architecture, and he had only two months to complete the task, which means that the author slept for several weeks in the office, even working at night. The final effect was easy to predict – the game entered the market in a terrible state and the graphics were displayed in a small window with a very poor aspect ratio.

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4. Myst (3DS)

Myst is a classic game, a breakthrough in its genre. Unfortunately, production has also become a victim of publishing exploits, companies that have disastrously squeezed this undeveloped gem, such as the port on the Nintendo DS. The game looked and worked very poorly on this mobile device. Surprisingly enough, we managed to break that level of embarrassment in the next Myst diversion offered on the 3DS. It was hard to believe that someone in 2013 would offer such a poor, “compact”, fuzzy, sticky setup. The title was given, inter alia, to a Nintendo Life rating of 1/10, which speaks for itself.

3. Pillars of Eternity (Switch)

It is shocking that even today amateur monsters such as Transforming Pillars of Eternity can appear on the market for the Nintendo Switch. This great role for PC was completely ruined on a hybrid console and the people who bought this sale never got a specific patch to fix the RPG in question. The publisher just released the message that it had “maxed out what it could get from existing hardware” and abandoned the published project. Let’s add that the talented studio Obsidian is not responsible for creating this terrible version that is full of technical bugs (in the Switch version you can’t even complete the main story – the game freezes at the end). The authors of Fallout: New Vegas commissioned this conversion to an outside company, and this move turned out to be a major flaw in the image.

2. Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis (GBA)

Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis is a diversion of the first installment of the adventures of the blue hedgehog, which was released on Gameboy Advance. Tragically weak conversion should not see the light of day like that. The game suffers from horribly poor frame rate, horrible “physical” controls that are difficult to master. Not to mention the drastically reduced field of view, which makes the title virtually unplayable on GBA, and doesn’t allow, for example, to make precise jumps. Total crap!

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1. Pac-Man (Atari 2600)

Pac-Man, released on the Atari 2600 in March 1982, is considered one of the worst diversions in history. For good reason. The developers were making a title for Atari devices based on code from an incomplete prototype (something like an Early Access version from the ’80s), which made the game go into stores in a dire state, with lots of bugs and terrible graphics (be careful! lead to epilepsy.) The publisher gave the creators just 5 weeks to get the job done (similar to the infamous ET), which has had a negative impact on this digital boom, tearing babies apart like arcade-style salons.

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