July 28, 2021

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'Wyborcza': Turów mine block landed earlier

‘Wyborcza’: Turów mine block landed earlier

Now the company “Wyborcza” reported that the block’s first closure took place 15 days later. Not only that, during its operation, the block reached its full capacity only once.

The log indicates that the power loss is recorded. It turns out that with a loss of less than 100 megawatts, the body worked for only 19 hours.

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It was turned off between May 29 and June 1. According to representatives of the station, “the result of the implementation of the investment.”

– The planned shutdown of Unit 7 was planned and agreed with the contractor before the Turów Power Plant took over the unit. These arrangements are included in the contract. During the scheduled shutdown period, the contractor had to carry out a technical inspection of the equipment after the first month of operation – says Oktoyan Leniowski, director of the Viborcza power plant.


Since June 19, the block has not been operated at all. According to the magazine, it was all due to a design flaw, because the block was not adapted to the quality of coal from a nearby mine.

The future of the entire Turów power plant, not just the new unit, is in question. The installation is based on coal from the open-pit mine in Turów, which was ordered by the Court of Justice of the European Union over a dispute between Poland and the Czech Republic.


The Czechs adjacent to the mine protest the further expansion of the open pit at Turów. According to them, it threatens with the loss of drinking water for several thousand residents adjacent to the excavations on the Czech side.

Poland has not yet complied with CJEU’s ruling and production is ongoing. Therefore, the Czech Republic demands heavy fines.

The two sides began negotiations in June, but so far, except for mutual declarations of readiness to reach an agreement, they have come up with nothing.