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Xbox talking to Square Enix, Capcom, or From Software? Microsoft is said to be preparing for acquisitions in Japan

Xbox talking to Square Enix, Capcom, or From Software?  Microsoft is said to be preparing for acquisitions in Japan

Microsoft is still struggling to acquire Activision Blizzard, but in the meantime, the American giant from Redmond is awake and seeing other corners of the video game market. According to the latest reports, Phil Spencer’s team is considering taking over the studies located in Japan.

It’s not new that Xbox is trying to be more and more accessible to gamers from Asia. The company even appeared at the Tokyo Game Show, where it presented a lot of titles. Now journalist Imran Khan in episode 756 of the Giant Bombcast has said so Microsoft is talking to major game publishers in this region about potential acquisitions:

[Firma Microsoft] Talk to top Japanese publishers about acquisitions. I can’t say how far these conversations have gone, but they have a very clear interest in some Japanese publishers and secondary studios.

Interestingly, Khan believes that the costs of putting some great games on Xbox Game Pass will be so high that it will soon be profitable for Redmond to buy a large studio or company.rather than paying them for the ability to add their production to a Microsoft subscription.

Xbox is also communicating with the Japanese through a collaboration between Phil Spencer and Hideo Kojima. The studio of a distinguished game developer has been developing a mysterious project for Microsoft for some time.

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