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Xbox with more premieres. Many new games will appear on Microsoft devices in the coming days

Xbox with more premieres.  Many new games will appear on Microsoft devices in the coming days

Another weekend and another batch of game announcements coming to Microsoft consoles next week — the good days are preparing.

I don’t remember a week in 2021 when we didn’t receive interesting reports and news from the Microsoft camp. Their video game division, Xbox, is growing rapidly. Suffice it to say that with every subsequent month there are really solid titles in Game Pass – This is also the case this time. However, the expectation is much more Next E3 performed by “Green”.

However, there is still some time until the event, so it’s worth enjoying what we already have, or it’s for sure. The latter category includes the first shows that will appear next week in the Microsoft Store. 8 games will now be released on Xbox! And of course I have to mention, like every entry, that these are not primarily AAA titles, but many small projects for a specific audience.

  • Alba: Adventure in the Wilderness (9 June)

  • Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection (June 10)

  • Farm Madness: Refreshed (11 czerwca)

  • Let’s Cook Together (11 czerwca)

  • Life of Fly 2 (11 czerwca)

What do you love the most and what title are you waiting for the most? Let me know in the comments section what I have purchased of your interest. I definitely do I’m looking forward to Ninja Gaiden: Master CollectionBut I’d like to check too Green Hell because it looks so much fun.


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