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Xbox with new games next week. It will make 12 initial presentations on Microsoft consoles

Xbox with new games next week.  It will make 12 initial presentations on Microsoft consoles

As a benchmark, the Xbox team has shared a list of premieres that we’ll be able to check out from next week. Check out the trailers for the announced games.

Xbox fans definitely can’t complain about boredom – after all, just a few days ago, Microsoft announced something pretty cool Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Xbox brand, which will last for several months (Until November 15 this year)! What’s more, recently there has been more and more talk of the new one A game that will hit the Game Pass and “get on their knees”. In short – a lot happens!

Lots of games will also be appearing in the Microsoft Store next week. Xbox console owners It will be able to display up to 12 new titles. And while we can’t just talk about AAA titles, there’s no shortage of surprises and smaller items worth checking out simply because they promise to be fun. Here’s a look at what we’ll be able to buy in the coming days:

  • Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield (19 Maja)

  • Outbreak: Endless Nightmares (19 MA)

  • Jay and Silent Pop – Mall Brawl (19 Maja)

  • Rust: Console Edition (19 Maja)

  • Wild at Heart (20 MA)

  • Cosmic Top Secret (21 Maja)

And how – is there something that particularly caught your attention? Personally I look to City Knockout the mostBecause it was really good before the premiere. Likewise for 0 degreess – Although that’s not exactly my mood, the video material encourages you to give it a shot. We’ll see how it works in practice.

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