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Yaroshevich humiliated Rudovic. Sorry he called her

Yaroshevich humiliated Rudovic.  Sorry he called her

Andrzej Jaroszewicz In the 1970s he was one of the most influential Poles. When his father was in December 1970 – Peter Jarosevich – He became prime minister, he could arrange everything: a purchase voucher, a housing allowance, a passport …

He admitted years later in an interview with “Viva!”

No wonder he was lovable and always surrounded by friends and a garland of girls staring at him like the picture. Although it wasn’t a classic hunk, he couldn’t complain about the lack of interest in women.

“I don’t know what they saw in me,” he says today, adding that he wasn’t really a seducer, or – as he was called – a playboy.

“Viva!” he told Krystyna Pytlakowska from “Viva!”

for the first time Andrzej Jaroszewicz He stood on the wedding carpet at the age of twenty-one. She met Barbara, who was still a high school student, at a party. They married in 1967, but their marriage did not stand the test of time. After the divorce, Andrzej fell in love with Ilona – a student at one of the universities of Warsaw. He asked her to marry him because… he felt empty.

“I missed Basia, and Ilona was there, ready to take her place” – he recalls in the book “The Red Prince”.

After a noisy wedding (Scaldes played them to dance) Ilona and Andrei went on a honeymoon from which they returned … separately. They divorced less than six months later.

The third wife – Irina – Andrzej Jaroshevich recaptured the famous Krakow artist Andrei Kinda. When he first saw her, she and her husband were having fun at a dance in the Kaktusy restaurant in Katowice. He approaches Kennedy and tells him that he has fallen in love with his partner and that he is going to marry her. A few months later, Irina – the daughter of the owners of a laundry chain in Silesia, which the sensualists called “the beautiful laundry” – became his wife (a few years later she left him for … Carol Strasberger, with whom she was until her death).

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Andrzej was still in a relationship with Irena when he met Maryla Rodowicz. He does not hide that he lost his head to the singer and was ready to do anything to attract her attention.

Both Poland spoke about the romance of the “Red Prince” and the Queen of Polish Songs. In reality, however, it is difficult to name the common denominator between them.

“It only lasted two weeks,” said Viva! , describing Marella as an episode. By the way, he denied rumors that he traveled to concerts Rudovic By plane, and on the way he was writing love confessions in the sky on that plane.

“I also did not throw flowers from the plane, because it simply could not be done. I revel in such legends, and I consider them a positive thing, although then I lived like most of my friends. I played and enjoyed my life” – he said.

The fact is that Andrei lost his head to Merella. It was said that he quarreled with her with Daniel Olbrichki, with whom she was in a relationship at the time.

“I did not quarrel with Daniel, he beat me. He punched me in the teeth, but rather lightly” – claims Jarozevich.

Marella Rudovic To this day she proudly says that the prime minister’s son has been haunting her. She remembers that when she was finally ready to surrender to him,… he pulled out and disappeared from her life.

“It was allegedly his father who insisted on breaking the affair, afraid of Andrei’s wife that she would reveal some family secrets,” she wrote in her autobiography, Long Live the Ball.

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“I had no idea about marrying Marella,” Jarosevich admitted in “The Red Prince.”

Andrzej Jaroszewicz He never revealed if Marella let him into her bedroom, but he never hid that it was because of the singer that “Pretty Laundry” left him right in the arms of Carol Strasberger.

The mysterious Grażyna became Andrzej’s fourth wife. Jarosievich remembers the marriage with her as windy, but he does not want to talk about the details.

“We broke up and … I have a lot to say about it,” he said in an interview.

Jaroszewicz found real happiness at the side of Alicja Grzybowska – a singer, actress and traveler who was almost four decades younger than him, and he married in 2011. They united their love for carpools.

Andrzej Jaroszewicz Years ago he was one of the best Polish rally drivers – the first pole in Formula 1. Alicia Grzybowska also races as a pilot.

“The age difference does not matter. I have been looking for Alice for 61 years. I believe that she will be with me until my death. She gives me happiness, smiles every day, and is my pilot during parades” – he said recently in an interview with “Viva!”.

On the night of August 31 and September 1, 1992, former Prime Minister Pyotr Yaroshevich and his wife Alija Solska-Yarosevic were murdered in their villa in Anen near Warsaw, Andrei was in Gdansk. When the news of the tragedy reached him, he immediately got into the car and drove to moan. Years later, he testified during the trial of three men accused of killing Jaroshevich that he was convinced that his father and stepmother were not accidental victims of “ordinary” burglary. He stated that Pyotr Jarosevich was killed because he revealed himself to “certain persons” and had knowledge of “agents within the authorities”.

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“Today I can reveal it. I was thinking of General Kiszak and General Jaruzelski,” he said in December last year at the Warsaw District Court, adding that he suspected important documents had been removed from the villa in Anine.

Andrzej Jaroszewicz He does not believe that his father and stepmother were killed for five thousand German marks, five gold coins and a women’s watch.

She said “Fifi!”

“The hardest thing for me to think about how he died. That he was tortured before his death, he had a skewer stuck between his ribs, and smoked cigarettes trying to choke something. Solska was found in a small bathroom with a pillow under her head, and no signs of a fight appeared on her. They killed her. With a bullet to the head, she hated.”

Andrzej Jaroszewicz For thirty years, he has been trying to unravel the mystery of the deaths of Pyotr Jarosievich and Alija Solska-Jaroševic, but realizes that, most likely, he will never find out why his father was lost.

“I’m sorry my wife never met him,” he told Krystyna Pytlakowska. “They will surely love each other.”

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