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Yaroslav Kret is happily in love. With you planning a wedding?

Yaroslav Kret is happily in love.  With you planning a wedding?

Yaroslav Crete It is one of the most popular and admired weather presenters in Poland. The guy regularly appears in the media, and the colorful press follows his private life. The 57-year-old’s heart has been busy again for a long timeWhich the presenter recently spoke publicly about.

Jaroslav Krett in the magazine “Twój Imperium” She spoke about the relationship with Karina Zochora, former participant in the third edition of “MasterChef”.. Let us remind you that the woman reached the finals of the TVN program, but in the end failed to win the most prestigious competition.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Yaroslav Kret is in love again. With you planning a wedding?

As Yaroslav Kreit admitted in a recent interview, he and his partner are now They are a couple at a distance. Karina Zochora works in one of the luxury hotels in Tri-City, while he still works in the capital.

Someone once said Periodic breakups are a test of feelings. Sometimes you have to go to an interesting job – sometimes for a few months, sometimes for several years – To be able to pursue your passion more. Life is not ordinary, everyday home life. It is also an opportunity to continuously develop and meet new challenges– confessed by Jaroslav Krete in the magazine “Twój Empire”.If both sides support each other in pursuing their activities and passions, this is definitely something that builds a relationship. Even for a while it should remain a long-distance relationship ”- added the weather factor.

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As Jaroslav Kret admitted, Presumably you shouldn’t say much to the press about private relationships. Avoiding publicity can be the key to strengthening relationships:

He also asked about Beata Tadla’s ex-partner in an interview with the newspaper will you marry.

never say never“- summed up Yaroslav Crete.

Photo: MW Media

Beata Tadla and Yaroslav Crete were a couple in the past

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