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Yaroslav Yakimovich attacks Pyotr Zelt: Don’t lie!

Yaroslav Yakimovich attacks Pyotr Zelt: Don't lie!

  • Piotr Zelt, in an interview with the editor of Niepodległoś, referred to the participation of celebrities in politics. It stated that people who present racist and anti-Semitic views may be sentenced to ostracism
  • The journalist asked the star to exclude a certain actor from “Goło i wesoła” due to his political views. He said: “This situation did not result from political views, but rather from private reasons, from his provocations that I did not want to be exposed to anymore” – he said
  • Yaroslav Yakimovich admitted on Instagram that it’s all about him. He stated that Piotr Zelet lied in an interview
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Pewter Zelt He gave an interview to Niepodległości, in which he mentioned the involvement of celebrities in the political row. The actor stated that people should not be deprived of expressing their opinions. Asked if politically active people are at risk of being ostracized.

“As long as there is no clearly offensive or disgraceful behavior, or even persecution of certain social groups or ethnicities, if nothing like this happens, then I have never faced ostracism towards these people. And I had such friends as I have. I play with these pals in the theater and until I clearly heard racist and anti-Semitic texts from one of my colleagues or extremely derogatory remarks, I encountered no aggressive behavior from this option (as I described it, the liberal left). We can only speak of ostracism as a reaction to the kind of racist and anti-Semitic remarks that, unfortunately, from these people on the other side, I often heard. – He said.

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Przemysław Obłuski asked Piotr Zelt about excluding a certain actor from “Goose and Happy”.

“At the origin of this situation were not political differences or differences of opinion. This person has provoked me multiple times in a very disturbing way – to me – because from time to time we have seen each other on different occasions. It was an intentional and intentional act, so I decided (to be on stage short, let’s say two hours) back and forth, whatever it is about, I’m not going to be able to take it, I know what I’m going to experience. I am too old to finance such a trip, so I decided to give up, and not take part in it, lest I put myself in an extremely uncomfortable situation for me. I told the producer I wasn’t going to play and asked someone to replace my local and the show went on without me. So I was ready to quit“- He said.

Photo: Paweł Wrzecion / MW Media

Pewter Zelt

The actor was asked if he had issued such an ultimatum due to political disputes, to which he replied:

From what I remember, this person we’re talking about at the time hasn’t yet been involved in some kind of intense collaboration with public television. For years I have played with my colleagues who represent right-wing or conservative views. We have performed hundreds of performances on stage and fully respect our different points of view, sometimes we argue and sometimes we avoid uncomfortable topics, so that there are no tensions, we work together fantastically. We respect and love each other in private and there are no positions to talk about. This situation was not a result of political views, but rather of private reasons, of his provocations that I did not want to be exposed to anymore. ” – He said.

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You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Yaroslav Yakimovi comments on the interview with Piotr Zelt

Yaroslav Yakimovich He decided to comment on Instagram for his interview Pewter Zelt An indication of the topic on which the actor answers questions about excluding a particular person from the show. TVP Info announcer said it was about him, but he hadn’t announced it before because he wanted to forget about the situation.

Piotr Zelt gave an interview. He did not mention my surname, for it had become a tradition for those who lacked civic courage and slander, But there is no doubt that it concerns me. Pyotr was my friend with whom I had struggled for nearly 20 years from situations … Lovely time. I never said a bad word about him and was always loyal. Even after our relationship ran out a bit, he was an important guest at my wedding. I mention him as a close person in my 2019 resume ” – Books.


Yaroslav Yakimovich

The actor admitted that in December 2019, they will return to play “Goose and Happy”, but without it.

A week before the performance in Czstochova, I received information that Pyotr Zelt gave the product a warning, either me or him. ”

Yaroslav Yakimovich admitted that he gave up the money he could earn and withdrew from the performance. He did not receive another job offer after that. The actor quoted the product’s words “Goło i cheerful,” to which Piotr Zelt said:

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“He does not agree with your conservative views. You know how the environment interacts with you.” I was already a regular commentator on ‘We Go’ broadcasting on TVP info and not as lying as he was lying in his interview.“- He said.

After reading the interview, Yaroslav Yakimovich tried to contact Puter Zelt. The actor did not pick up, and the Instagram star wrote:

I tried to call Yewter today and speak, but he is not answering. I’m not lying, Piotr, I’m not lying! You know, now you’ll wade your way so all of those pathetic words from the interview don’t become a pound worth– Entry ended.

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