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Yes, it is better to get rid of WhatsApp, as well as the alternatives

Yes, it is better to get rid of WhatsApp, as well as the alternatives

WhatsApp and iMessage pass data to the FBI, but their eastern competitor, Telegram, isn’t more secure at all. The difference is that he sends parcels to the FSB.

The Rolling Stone magazine report, published in early December, created a lot of noise, which found evidence that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation is constantly trying to access data from instant messages.

This practice in and of itself has not surprised anyone, but some of its secrets do. For example, it was revealed that both WhatsApp and iMessage wanted to share search history. The former is supposed to have had a quarter of an hour to have an X-ray of anyone in the last 25 days.

Don’t ask who but with whom

However, at the same time, a kind of laurel was issued to the caller cable, which, given the evidence collected, is a more discreet solution than its competitors. According to the presented results, user data is only disclosed in the case of justified suspicions of terrorist activity.

Looks convincing, doesn’t it? The problem is that it doesn’t seem to work in practice. Or otherwise – it depends on the service you order.

There are cases, according to Christo Grosev, a famous Bulgarian investigative journalist Full account acquisition On Telegram by the Russian FSB, despite the active two-step verification. The columnist also mentions the father. disappear Private chat sessions, and at the same time about the lack of comment from the creators of the inquiries sent on all these matters.

This means that while Telegram is resisting the FBI, it is meekly bringing secrets to the FSB, according to Grozev’s statement. Again, it’s hard to talk about surprise, but this also leads to one compelling conclusion: no major messaging service can guarantee complete confidentiality.

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He remains the same on the battlefield just pointing. Not entirely perfect, because it also appears in FBI documents, but only in the context of a user’s registration history.

Image source: Shutterstock (@guteksk7)

Text source: Twitter (@Christo Grozev), ed. King

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