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You can turn away if you oppose the Israeli flag at the company headquarters


Here’s advice from a leading publishing house in Germany to employees who complained about his decision to raise the Israeli flag at the company’s headquarters: Find another place to work, the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) reported.

President Axel Springer opposes anti-Semitism

President Axel Springer Matthias Duepfner explains that the gesture is a protest against anti-Semitism. The director describes himself as a non-Jewish Zionist.

Duepfner said last week in a video conference with thousands of his people and employees around the world.

The flag was raised in May, when Hamas and Israeli forces exchanged fire for 11 days, killing more than 250 people, mostly from the Palestinian side. Many protests against Israel inside and outside Europe have contained incitement against Jews and Israel. Several violent protests related to the protests occurred in Europe and the United States.

Axel Springer owns several Israeli websites, including Yad2, which offers real estate deals, The Times of Israel reports. The German publisher lists five “principles and values” on its website. The second says: “We support the Jewish people and the right of the State of Israel to exist.”

The first principle says “Defending freedom, the rule of law, democracy and a united Europe,” then we read about “support for the transatlantic alliance between the United States and Europe; commitment to a free and social market economy and rejection of political and religious extremism and all kinds of racism and sexism.”

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