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You may be fined for ‘economy’ parking

You may be fined for 'economy' parking

Economy parking or in line with the sign? Drivers are divided.

If they will park According to the law, there will be half the space for cars, if they set up cars “economically” – they can get a fine. Drivers complain about the organization of parking spaces in the car park at the PKS bus station in Gdansk in water. May 3. Officials don’t plan to change parallel parking signs, and they want to solve the problem of cars parking poorly with clogged poles. It should be placed along the bay.

Readers wrote to our editorial office about the parking problem. It was a reaction to enter in Report from Tri-CityIn it, one of the drivers called for “selfish parking.”

He noted that the owner of one of the cars, standing parallel to the sidewalk, takes up more space than if he did it like other drivers – that is, diagonally.

Meanwhile, Internet users, in the comments to the report and in emails to our editorial office, noted that the “selfish” parked car … was the only one that was properly set up.

– After all, a red Skoda stands according to the signs. For this, another car deserves a fine, because it sticks to the luggage compartment on the road for bicycles – one Internet user indicated.

It should be noted here that it complies with the regulations In the car park at the ul. On May 3, parallel parking is mandatory. 15 parking spaces are available, including:

  • 11 public places,
  • Two places for electric cars while charging
  • and 2 places for people with disabilities.
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Three bike lanes along one streetThree bike lanes along one street

Our readers assure, however, that such parking regulation is cumbersome, since it limits the already small number of parking lots in the city center – especially since we are talking about a rather sensitive point, the bus station.

– In the Mujahideen. On May 3, three bike paths were established. This is an exaggeration. I visit this area quite often and on the fingers of one hand I can count the cyclists who use the paths drawn in the street, they all prefer a special “bicycle walk”, which is only for motorbikes and is located on the other side of the road. Therefore, if each person stops according to the sign so as not to “stand out” on an unused bicycle path, then instead of a dozen or so cars, several will fit. This is ridiculous – another Internet user writes.

Cyclists prefer the bike path along May 3. You rarely find a two-wheeled bike on the separated lanes of the road.

Fines over 8000 zlotys

Marta DrzevicaA spokeswoman for Gdańsk SM explains that the sign D-18, with a plate showing the way the vehicle is positioned relative to the edge of the road, is in the parking lot at ul. May 3 appeared at the end of 2021.

– By the end of September this year, the guards imposed 83 fines totaling PLN 8350, instructed 9 people and issued 84 notifications of the offense (these are summonses to the municipal police headquarters, which will lead to fines, instructions or court orders) – says Marta Drzewiecka.

The most expensive parking in Tri-City.  We checked where they are and how much they costThe most expensive parking in Tri-City. We checked where they are and how much they cost

‘Economic’ parking will end with posts?

– Currently in the Mujahideen. On May 3, in the bus stop parking area, there is a D-18 “Parking” sign that says “Paid” and a T-30i sign indicating the parking route parallel to the edge of the road. This change was introduced in conjunction with the designation of bicycle lanes at ul. May 3 in October 2021. As drivers failed to regulate traffic, a design was made to block posts along the bay. Implementation is scheduled for mid-December this year – Magdalena Kiljan sums up from the Gdansk Road and the Green Space Authority.

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