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You should not spend more than 2000 PLN on a graphics card

You should not spend more than 2000 PLN on a graphics card
Hardware and soft
September 16, 2022, 13:21

In the face of upcoming first offers for graphics cards, buy older chips for more than 2000. PLN may be very unprofitable.

Above image source: Unsplash | Nana Dua

While card prices they fallCryptocurrencies are becoming more environmental Mining forms, and the market is preparing for three initial offerings of graphics chips (Nvidia, AMD, and Intel), many people may consider replacing their hardware with a newer one. It is, however, currently He buys The new GPU is a good decision?

You should not spend more than 2000 PLN on a graphics card - illustration number 1

The RTX 3090 Ti is the most powerful graphics card in the RTX 3000 family. Source: Nvidia

advanced systems

In the case of a high-quality GPU Buying a new one for more than 2000 PLN can be very disappointing when graphics cards appear at a similar price but more efficiently at the end of the year. For example, according to information from the leak, the new RTX 4090 overcome The RTX 3090 Ti modeled in the 3DMark benchmark with a score of 72%. In addition, after the premiere of the new systems, prices for the current generation are likely to drop, so For the same amount, you will be able to buy a better card. The potential savings will largely depend on how fast and in what quantities new GPUs arrive in stores. It is noteworthy that the first show The RTX 4000 is scheduled for September 20th.

You can find graphics cards here

Medium and low priced cards

Graphics chips for less demanding users, compared to high-end chips, should not see a significant drop in value in the near future. This is due to the fact that mid-range GPUs (which cost less than 2,000 PLN) are unlikely to appear on the market and are sold longer than higher-end devices, since they are responsible for most of the manufacturers’ profits.

In addition, AMD and Nvidia have not yet introduced their offering in this market segment, and Intel has announced Arrival ARC 580 cards only in the last quarter of the year. So we can assume that in the near future you will not see card models such as: 6500 XT, RX 6600 XT, RTX 3050 Ti or RTX 3060 behind it. Thanks to this, buying a mid-range GPU may be a good option.

You should not spend more than 2000 PLN on a graphics card - Illustration No. 3

According to the available information, Intel does not plan to expand its offering of budget graphics cards in the near future. Source: Intel.

Budget GPU

The same is the case with low-end graphics cards. GPU manufacturers have not invested much in this market segment for a long time, and have rarely released new systems. Evidence for this may be recent the first show The A380 card, which was supposed to conquer the low-cost PC market, turned out to be a disappointment, failing to deliver on its promise of good performance at a low price. thus Buying a chip for less than 1,000 PLN could be a very good decision, as it does not seem that any other cards in this segment will appear in this segment in the near future, It offers much better performance at a similar price. Designs such as the RX 6400 or GeForce GT 1030 will not provide the highest performance, but they will be enough to play video or play old games.

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So if you are planning to replace your hardware or urgently need to buy a new card, you should consider buying a mid-range model (up to PLN 2000).

You should not spend more than 2000 PLN on a graphics card - illustration No. 4

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