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You will convert 4.5 thousand. PLN, Poczta Polska will save your data

You will convert 4.5 thousand.  PLN, Poczta Polska will save your data

Poczta Polska employees were instructed to remember to save the data of the person who made a transfer of more than 4.5 thousand. zloty.

Daniel Witowski, Press Spokesperson Polish Post states that this obligation results from the provisions introduced by law Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing.

The company, when conducting financial transactions in amounts equal to 1000 euros or more, is obliged to record the data of participants in such operations – Witowski explains.

He adds that in order to avoid the need to check the euro exchange rate every day, The amount was 4500 PLNAs permitted by the provisions of the EU Regulation.

We asked the post office where these instructions are from now, if the obligation was made under the 2018 law. In response, only a Post Office spokesperson, Daniel Witowsky, informed usThat “a significant number of Poczta Polska employees are currently being trained to know the obligations imposed on the company by law, which is also a legal requirement.”

Anti-money laundering – who works and when

  • equivalent to 15,000 euros or more, regardless of whether the transaction is carried out as one or several operations that appear to be related to each other,
  • It is a transfer of funds in an amount exceeding the equivalent of 1,000 euros,
  • Using a virtual currency equal to 1,000 euros or more.

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The institutions required to apply the provisions of the law are: domestic banks, branches of foreign banks, branches of credit institutions, financial institutions, credit unions, domestic payment institutions, national electronic money institutions, branches of payment institutions in the European Union, investment companies, depository banks, and foreign legal persons who They engage in brokerage activities on the territory of the Republic of Poland, investment funds, insurance companies, insurance brokers, the National Securities Depository, businessmen who carry out the activities of exchange offices and notaries.

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Spam must be reported

The aforementioned institutions shall notify the Inspector General of Financial Information (GIFI) of circumstances that may indicate a suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing. The notification is sent immediately, but no later than two business days From the date of confirmation by the institution of the suspicion.

At the beginning of last year, the House of Representatives amended the law. The group of institutions with free access to the catalog of transactions above the minimum threshold (transactions with a value of at least 15,000 euros) has been expanded to include the National Revenue Administration.

According to the 2018 GIFI report, as Over-the-threshold coefficients In the first year of entry into force of the law, there were 36 million in Poland. Documents provided by the banks were used to initiate 2,160 lawsuits. In 184 cases, the prosecutor’s office was notified. The total value of the suspicious transactions amounted to 6.2 billion PLN.

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