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Young George Clooney with his beautiful wife Amal and his colleague Julia Roberts (photos)

Young George Clooney with his beautiful wife Amal and his colleague Julia Roberts (photos)

George Clooney He was once considered one of Hollywood’s greatest lovers. However, today there is no trace of the actor who used to waste a lot of energy on love conquests. Since a Lebanese-British lawyer appeared in his life hopefullHe is a perfect husband and father. The couple married in 2014, and less than three years later their joint children appeared in the world: twins Ella And the Alexander.

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What happens with Clooney in love is still the subject of media attention. So they appear regularly on the web Photographers of their luxury travels. Amal Clooney also regularly accompanies her famous husband to industry events. It wasn’t any different lately when the star accompanied the mother of his kids The premiere of the latest film with his participation.

In the romantic comedy event “Ticket to Heaven” The couple, as usual, are happy. While George Wearing a black suit, a white open-top shirt and elegant leather shoes, his beloved presented herself in a truly Hollywood costume. 44-year-old bookmaker Long mint dress with thin beltsWhich confirmed her ideal personality. I completed everything Studded brooches, clutch, elegant jewelry and red lipstick.

However, on the red carpet, the parents of the two did not stand alone. At one point, he joined them by playing in the movie alongside Clooney, In “Look” by Alexander McQueen by Julia Roberts. Notably, Clooney and Roberts have been friends for many years. The actors had the opportunity to appear together on screen for the first time since their appearance together “Ocean’s Eleven: A Risky Game”and then Ocean Twelve: Overtime.

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He was on his way to ending up like DiCaprio but came back to his senses in time.

Pretty hope, whole class.

I wonder what aliens think of us. These popular leather teeth.

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Amal must have heard insults and insults from her school friends because of her personality. I was also tall and skinny (I still am), I was thinner in my youth (of course, without disease), and there was no end to the insults and mockery of my fat friends.

Hope – the ideal character. Unfortunately, my dream is not possible because my height is 160 cm.

…was wearing shiny leather shoes? …and still elegant? Do you read what you write?

Fantastic hope. He had a wonderful wife

George looks in his 70’s, and this beard makes him look older

Note that none of them had tears or excessive weight. Think about it before you get a tattoo in honor of your partner, and after a year your partner will change. Slim, athletic, elegant, well-groomed and already of a certain age.

Beautiful and happy. It always seemed to me that these romantic relationships with models were not enough for him. He finally got the woman he deserved. I am happy . cute couple.

Aging does not…

18 minutes ago

Almost like Grandpa and Grandma…

on this …

21 minutes ago

Are there not more beautiful people in this world? People with style? Is it artificial? Aren’t there more people with interesting and inspiring faces?

When I see Clooney and Roberts, I hear it somewhere in my ear…… must be love for bees!!!! But it’s new…….. I love this movie

It’s beautiful, it’s beautiful. Nice.

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