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Young woman Natalia Siwick promotes Coachella in a minimalist style (photos)

Young woman Natalia Siwick promotes Coachella in a minimalist style (photos)

Is that Natalia Siwick He lives a “worldly” life, there’s no doubt about that. Just take a look at her Instagram profile. Although the celebrity calendar is filled with exotic trips, elite parties and adventures to trendy bars, hardworking Natalia always finds time to accurately report behind the scenes of her fairy tale. Just envy.

where Natalia Siwick Obtaining a residence in Tulum, the star can be found more often in an occupied town of Mexico than in his own home womb home. In the end, “Miss Euro 2012” got tired of having fun on the beach in Tulum, and as a way to diversify everyday life, she went on vacation with her family to the United States. However, the trip to the States was not without Some “surprises”.

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Turns out, the vacation destination was no accident. As a committed fan of trendy festivals, Siwiec can’t miss the Coachella Festival which has been occupied by stars from all over the world, which is coming to an end. On Saturday, the 38-year-old was tempted to show onlookers how her wonderful vacation in California was going by. A lover of original styles, she was naturally keen to adapt to the youthful atmosphere of the famous event. Natka was wearing a cropped T-shirt and short shorts to pamper her look. Braided cape and cowboy boots. Celebrities did not deny themselves exotic make-up and a luxurious headdress. Unfortunately, Mia’s mother’s efforts to present herself as authentic festival visitors, In the end they got lost. On site, after the star got used to the temperatures in Tulum, she realized her lavish design wasn’t a good choice due to Evening chills. Furious and cold, the model is forced to go home with Marius.

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We went to Coachella but… we found it very cold in the evening so we decided to go home… Today we go during the day – She doubts me.

Since Sunday is the last day of the festival, Natalia decided that this time she would not make a body and would rally herself to add splendor to the musical event with her presence.

Today I wish to be at the festival. It was hard to get together, but it would be bad if we didn’t leave – She said.

Do you think that Natalia, who has learned from her past mistakes, will choose the appropriate outfit this time?

Johnny Manero…

60 minutes ago

What is attached here? . Going back to 3.14 though…

Natalia’s body is always positive on ash

What is this creature?

It’s important that whatever xD

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For her child, this mom is fun…

Is there in Mexico now a hallow or zombie festival from all over the world?

Michael Jackson Reincarnation xDD

Stop the war in…

6 minutes ago

Why did Nikita Khrushchev in 1954 hand over Crimea to the Ukrainian SSR, listen to it for yourself and you will find out who is responsible for the conflict

I would be afraid to touch it, if it exploded and the air escaped, it would curl up.

Still present in the media?

No pictures, no…

16 minutes ago

It’s pathetic how someone is a slave to their appearance that they created and has so many toxic and foreign substances under their skin. But just thinking that someone cares

What is it but looks great. Compared to smaller pietry, it sweeps

Oh, but I’m interested in this metamorphic. People in Ukraine suffer, and here a menopausal woman cannot cope normally just by capturing herself with the negativity that others seem infatuated with.

Like America, like Pocahontas 😜

A lady who talks a lot about spiritual balance, self-care and order, offers such a mess behind her back 🤦‍♀️🤷🤷 The old rule – if you’re not at home, you’re not in your life. So what is it really, Natalia? He does not buy it at all, the stories are artificial and he plays a relaxing game. The only thing I can say is that I’d like to look like this at this age

But it’s a mess. Swollen boats, eyelashes stuck, but no one to clean them. Poor her baby, a mess in her mother’s head and at home 😒

Zenada, the one who promotes her so well, will at least admit when she started and who her sponsor was

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