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Your Face Looks Familiar Finalist! Singer Danzel was the winner of the 16th edition!

Your Face Looks Familiar Finalist!  Singer Danzel was the winner of the 16th edition!

The show was opened by the four finalists as the legendary British rock band The Beatles from Liverpool! They sang one of the most popular songs of the band “Twist And Shout” and with this performance they took us back to the great ’60s!

The first was Andrzej Kozłowski, who was chosen by the audience as the favorite, and was delighted with the program more than once! His performance in the role will be recorded in the program’s history James Blunt, Which made him win! It was also exceptional Krzysztof Krawczyk and Maryla Rodowicz!

He took over the scene as Freddy Mercury and took us back to the disco era as Gloria Gaynor! In the finals, he raised a level for himself and played one of the greatest opera singers of all time – Luciano Pavarotti! He sang the song “Nesun Dorma” and it was really a show worthy of the epilogue.

Danzel was the second finalist. The singer is primarily known for his “Pump it up” dance track and on the show he surprised everyone with the amazing possibilities of his voice. He is such a versatile artist that he was able to impersonate almost any singer, no matter what style he represented.

We will remember his winning role for a long time Richard Riddell And perform the song “Time Machine”! It has proven itself in all kind of heavy metals like James Hetfield From Metallica to Soul as a Seal. However, his performance of “You belong to me” Lenny Kravitz Ignite the hearts of all program lovers. In the end, he chose the song “Płonie barodoa”, the legend of the Polish music scene – Chislau Neiman!

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Once again he proved to be a master at singing in Polish! He swung and earned this performance a standing ovation from the four jury!

Then it’s time for the first couple of the evening. Carolina Pisaryk and Macic Radell will play the roles of Britney Spears and Will. They performed the song “Scream And Shout” and gave an amazing party on stage!

Carolina won the role of Fergie, she danced like Madonna, Sanh and Young were Lucia! In turn, Maciek has been remembered as the gorgeous Edmund Fetting, the romantic Shawn Mendes or the famous Mary Fredrickson from the band Roxette!

Viki Gabor delighted everyone with Rihanna’s “Stay” performance! She also played the role of the biggest singers in the world of music – Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera! Can’t miss one another, Whitney Houston, in the final! Vicki sang the singer’s cult song “I want to dance with someone.” It turned out perfectly, and with this performance, of course, it made the whole audience dance!

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The last post was by Ania Rusowicz. Her performance of the song “Tych years no one will give up”. Irina Santor It was great. She was also the great Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine and Nicole Scherzing from The Pussycat Dolls! At the end she sang “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” by Etty James – the mother of the R&B genre! Another final worthy performance!

The last duo was Ania Jurksztowicz and Patryk Cebulski. The couple impersonated Pitbull and Kish and sang “Timber”. With this performance, they showed that they had a really great time on the show and that the energy was shared by everyone!

Anya was so happy as Bette Midler, she crossed her comfort zone as Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. It was Ursula and Dalida! Patrick won the role of Bruno Mars. Elijah Maguska was great and showed off his rocky paw as Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters!

Danzel won the 16th edition of “Your Face Sounds Familiar”, and the check for 100,000 PLN was donated to the Polsat Foundation.

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